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Insecurities of a small penis

For those of you (or us) with the “morgue fear”, relax a good friend of mine is a mortician and the only thing they ever seem to talk about is the one in a thousand guy that comes in and is (or was) “hung like a bull.”

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I never had a real insecurity about my small size. It never ocurred to me that I could be -that- different from everyone else and that it was at all important.

With women, it has been different. My partners have all commented on how tiny I was and how they don’t feel me inside. It’s a terrible feeling to be the smallest lover they’ve ever had and the one that gives them the least feeling vaginally. And to be told so repeatedly. I swore off sex. I haven’t been with anyone for 12 years. It’s not that I want it and avoid it, it’s more like I haven’t been happy in relationships so turned to other things. It has not been a happy life.

On June of last year, I started PE. No gains yet, but I’m sure they’ll come. Just getting to 5” NBP, or anywhere near average will change my life. A new person, born again.

The community at Thunder’s really rocks. I wish I had found you guys earlier, I’d be laughing at all of this with a 6” penis. Thanks to the people here I have no doubt I’ll be there or near in the next few years.



There are some incredible stories of gains that have been shared here so keep on the positive side of things. My gains are slow too but with consistency and patience, they’ll appear….yours will too. And I’m certain that the other things you’ve turned to over these last few years weren’t a waste of time. Think of all those arguments, heartaches, heartbreaks, separations and divorces that you’ve missed while others had to endure them…there’s always a bright side to things.

I also remember a time when I had to strip in front of a female doctor and my dick shrivelled up really small because I was so nervous. My face went so red and I couldn’t even look her in the eye or talk without stuttering. It was terrible.

I also used to have trouble getting erections with girls becuase of constant worrying about what they would think when they saw my small dick.

Even now when I have a bad flaccid I don’t want my girlfriend to touch it, only when its a good flaccid or partly or fully erect.

I always get insecurities, even at 7 NBP x 5.25 EG mid-shaft, which is where I am today. I’m feeling down at the moment because I was watching a TV programme about penis enlargment surgery. This black guy who already had an 8incher was complaining that his (very big looking) flaccid was too small. They showed his, and lots of others, dicks. They all looked so big and made me feel small. The worst thing is that when I feel down the last thing I want to do is PE. I feel stupid moaning when my dick is above average but when I see other people not happy when they are bigger than me it just makes me even more insecure.

Anyway, sometimes I do have good days and for a few months I had a cocky stage where I would brag to my girlfriend on the phone about my ‘big’ dick just to make me feel better but she always brings me back down by saying ‘its not big at all, its only the length thats ok’, or something along those lines. My ex did say i’ve got a big dick but its like i’m not happy either way. If girls say its big I just think they are lying and saying it just to make me happy! I’m a bit messed up in the head. I also am doubting if I can grow any more because I think I’ve hit a plateu. Especially length, I don’t hang but I stretch but it seems like I can’t gain anymore.

I’m going off topic now so I think thats all i’ve got to say!

It great to hear the stories other others who have (had) similar insecurities. I am sure there are a lot more. Lets here from you, unless you didn’t have any because you began PE with a huge cock to start with.

What amazes me that I have never told anyone this ever. It is liberating to finally share it and get it off my chest. So come on and experience the thrill and tell us your darkest fears.

Those of you that are just starting. Be patient and persistent and you will overcome and see gains. Your small penis fears will be a thing of the past.


Great thread: your story sounds so much like my own, and as you can see by the responses, you are not alone. I’m sure this hits home for most of us. But that only makes our determination to get bigger dicks stronger. We can never stop PE; we have to let the anger from growing up with a small dick drive us in our endeavor.

So, guys, all of us with turtlehead flaccid hangs, how about pulling out some big guns here. (I know pumping is the Black Art of PE,) and all. But have any of you tried just a very light pump after hanging at about 4in or less hg for 12 minutes? Three sets if you can do it without making a donut. Just enough suction to keep the tube on. The reason I ask is because Ophio’s routine sounds just like mine other than the passive pump to cement gains before retiring fot the night. We both registered here in Dec and I’m starting to see gains, especially in girth. Or another thing I think may help, though this is nothing new, after hanging leave your wrap on. Sleep in it. Force those micro-tears to heal while extended. Our dicks want to turtle back inside to lick their wounds where it is safe and warm the fat pad. If you allow them to do that, will they not heal in that little turtle shape becoming tougher than ever to stretch?
Sorry, now I’m getting off topic.

Good Luck

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I am also one of those who are extremely insecure about the flaccid. Here we go for an good example, just happened yesterday. I went out to a student party and a nice, cute girl I was talking said she could drive me home tonight and if I would like I could stay at her place. Hello!! I think it can not be more obvious that she wanted to go for a nice shag. Anyway, I saw here talking the rest of the night with a guy I knew she slept with and I heard from another girl that he is really good in bed. So what I did was, driving home on my home (and that really sucks!!)and thinking about how great it would be just to have a let’s say 3.75 flaccid and 6.00 erect length. That is all I want. I am still at 3 flaccid and about 5.5 erect, which a girl has not seen for ages because I am afraid of showing my flaccid. At least I had a good workout last night after coming home and one day for gods sake I will ask these girls if they want to sleep at my place.

Thanks for the thread, Ophiosaurus!
I have to admit, I was doing the slow, meaningful nod thing the whole time I was reading it. :)
I mean, honestly, what’s easier: self-acceptance, or spending a year or two stretching your dick? PE is the easy way out and I’m old enough and lazy enough to take it. I can’t battle the shallowness of women any longer! It’s too strong, and my values are way too feeble.
( And besides, if I don’t get more sex I’ll implode. )
Anyway, I think there was a point in there somewhere…


"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

Originally posted by Yippee
I mean, honestly, what's easier: self-acceptance, or spending a year or two stretching your dick? PE is the easy way out and I'm old enough and lazy enough to take it. I can't battle the shallowness of women any longer! It's too strong, and my values are way too feeble.


Ohhh man….self-acceptance is the easier way to go. Trust me on that one! One can turn their outlook around in an instant if they really wanted to.

Hey Woodworkout,
You’re right about self-acceptance being easier, but Dick-Stretching is a helluva lot more fun.


Yes I agree, there are great stories about the people here. I’m so glad to have seen this and many other threads, and can say that this community is the most supportive I have ever seen.

I discovered PE at 18, as well, and can thank my curiosity for that. I plan to consistently do this, but I live with my friend’s family and you know how that goes… I am trying to find a routine that I can do and not attract so much attention (2 hours in the bathroom, hehe).

Just like many people here, I did not even look for sex because of my size. I just didn’t feel like being humiliated. So what now? Thank goodness I found PE and the great community along with it.

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Heck - self-acceptance is easier for you guys?
Well, ‘s true I have enough self-loathing to power a thousand robot Woody Allens.
I certainly HOPE self-acceptance would be the easier option for most of you out there.
I wonder though, if my sermons about ‘size ought not to matter’ would carry more or less moral authority if I was hung like the Louvre?


"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

This thread rocks!

I can completely relate to everything that is being said here. Here is one of my stories….

About three years ago, my wife and I talked about me getting a vasectomy. Now, I’ve ALWAYS had the insecurities that most guys have with a small penis (see previous posts). So the idea of exposing myself willingly to a doctor just didn’t sound like a good idea, let alone the thought of being attacked with a knife down there! I mean, what if the doc hiccups and lops off what little bit I have.

Anyway, I digress. So I go to see the urologist. While I’m there, I ask the all too familiar question for most guys “Is it normal?” The doctor without a hitch says, “Don’t worry, everythings fine.” So that should have put me at ease right? Wrong. Of course I didn’t believe him. I just figured he says that to everyone.

Well, it turned out that during the examination a fluid sack was found in my left nut. So the doctor wanted to rule out anything abnormal first. So what does he do? He schedules me for an ultrasound of my nuts! OK, now maybe most guys wouldn’t really care about this but having a little willy to start is bad enough but coupled with a pair of naturally high-riding balls. Ugh. I could only hope to have a blind person taking the ultrasound who would ask me to do the test for them.

Well, I show up and of course, nothing but women everywhere. I get the ugly one for some reason. So we get in the room and I drop my drawers and lay on the table. She gives me a towel to cover up everything except my nuts. I’m thinking, a towel really isn’t necessary but I’ll go along with it.

The exam is over. I made it. Not too worse for the wear but I still wish I didn’t have to go through it. On my way out the door I could see her talking to the other ladies in the office and suddenly loud laughter. Being the insecure bastard that I am, I believe she is telling the ladies all about me.

Blah blah blah, I go for the surgery and of course, I have to go to the hospital to have it done because of the issue with my nut. There were about 5 people in the operating room (mostly women).

So the point of my story? I’m still insecure about my size but after that, my modesty sure has decreased quite a bit. Hey, I figure I may be small, but if you noticed it, your still checking me out!

Sorry for the long post.

Well I am just going to add my two cents here. I started out a couple of years ago with a good ~4 to 4.5” BP on a *good* day. And this was when I was only like 15. On top of that having Type I diabetes means that I have a much higher than normal chance of losing my favorite friend.

I had my fair share of experiences with such a small penis. Not exactly fun, but luckily didn’t get shot down because of it. But now that I am finally pushing a little past 6 BP I can say that it is an amazing feeling seeing how far you can come. (no pun intended)

I even plan on trying for a good 9” BP. The important thing is just to keep doing it. I had a good several years with no real gains, (pre-Thunders/LOT) and still kept doing it and I am glad that I did. We have to take the hard times with the good.

Besides the first time you get a big penis comment you will be shocked but very happy. And the first eye roll during sex, whew, nothing beats that.

Sorry if this post is a little scattered, need to sleep. Just wanted everyone to know that PE is possible for everyone.

Keep on trucking fellow PE’ers.

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

Yeah this is a thread I could definately relate to. I’m at 4.25” nbp, have known about PE for a few yrs now but never really stuck to it long enough to have any success. Not that I don’t believe it works, but my sense of optimisim is as low as it gets. I feel like I’ve got the worst luck in the world and that I’ll be one of the unfortunate few whom PE doesn’t work for. To deal with the depression of a little dick and no sex life I spend most of my spare time getting wrecked, I’ve changed this behaviour thus far this year and want to give PE a solid 6 month effort before giving up again…it’s pretty much my only hope at getting my confidence and happiness back.

I’ve only had sex with 2 women in my life and missed so many opportunities it makes me sick…it’s gotten pretty lonely. I really wouldn’t have the confidence to have sex til I had atleast an average 6” dick. An average dick to me would be worth more than any amount of money. To make things worse, I’m a 6’3 stocky guy making my unit look all the more a little stub. I’m in my 30’s, too much of my life has gone to waste, it’s time to buckle down and give this PE thing all I’ve got since it’s my only hope. Even if I were to succeed in this, I’d still have one major issue, that being I would never have kids and risk having a boy who inherits my curse and making him go through this kind of life…but I think I’d still be a thousand times happier than I am now just to have a realtionship/sex life.


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