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Inner Structure

Inner Structure

Since I have been working the tunica (2 weeks or so) my inner penis feels a lot smaller, as in thinner. I don’t know if it has always felt this thin, and I have just noticed now because I have just switched from hanging to manual stretching, or if tunica stretching actually makes the inner penis thinner-even just for a little while

Anyone experience this, or have thoughts?

What do you mean by “inner penis”? How are you able to probe your inner penis?

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You need to get in touch with your inner child, then you can PE your inner penis!

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My inner child is a dick.

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I did jelqing for over a year when I started then hit a plateau. I switched to hanging and after 3 months I noticed I had lost some girth. I had gotten the baseball bat effect but after hanging for 3 months the base girth increased and the shaft decreased. I found it hard to hang and jelq because of the pressure on the shaft from the hanger (I use a bib). Hanging got me over the plateau of 7 and now I’m at 7 1/4 BPEL. In the past 2 months I went back to jelqing and now I have my girth coming back. I hung till I maxed out my ligs and the gains had stopped. (BTC hanging) I tried the upper angles but didn’t like the bruising it was causing. I decided to give hanging a break for a little while but plan to go back to it in a few months.

So, to answer your question I think you do lose some shaft girth with hanging. Think of it like a rubberband when you stretch it out.


In my experience with upper angle hanging, I have not lost girth. However, I also jelq after hanging sessions to re-establish good circulation, so it is not a strictly hanging only routine.

Have you measured a girth loss?


I actually have not lost any girth size. I was originally 4.75, and then after hanging BTC for some reason I got up to 5.00-5.1 (depending on how hard I am) midshaft. Even now I have not lost any erect, just my flacid penis-when I pull is straight out or straight up, the inner tunica feels so “skinny” and little/thin. Like, there just feel like there is no thinkness and girth to it, just a little thin piece of licorice or something. It may be because I have been working the tunica-stretching a lot at high angles- and I have loosened up the tension a whole lot. Hell, I don’t really know, I mean I can still get hard and everything,

I just wander if you can actually loosen the penis attachment from the pubic bone, as opposed to breaking down the tunica tissue and making it hold more blood for added length.
I would hope my extra flacid pull length is because I have loosened the tunica tissue, and not loosend the attachment from the pubic bone.which would make my flaccid penis feel longer-in essence skinnier.


Originally Posted by the tiger
I actually have not lost any girth size.

I wouldn’t sweat it then myself.

Originally Posted by the tiger
I would hope my extra flacid pull length is because I have loosened the tunica tissue, and not loosend the attachment from the pubic bone.

I think that the former idea is much more likely than the latter. It sounds like your doing fine to me.

I have similar concerns as Tiger regarding loosening the attachment. Is that possible? If so what do you think would occur at that point, short term and long term results. Because I sware my tunica tissue feels like it is made of iron, and I often think shit it’s gonna rip of my pelvic bone way before it breaks down and lengthens.

I hang SO with 20 - 25 lbs.

I really don’t think we will rip the inner penis from the pubic bone, however I do I have a similar concern. Isn’t the prostate located very close to where the inner penis connects to the bone beneath the scrotum? I wonder if all the pulling and tugging we do to the inner penis might somehow dislodge the prostrate, or that bulb that is at the posterior end of then inner shaft.

I’m on a very aggressive routine that has brought me excellent gains, but I often wonder at what cost. I hang heavy: 25lbs BTC 2-3 hours a day 6 days a week. Between sets I clamp and Uli and after each session I pump with two different sized tubes, a three inch scrotum and penis cylinder for three 7 minute sets at just under 10 inhg and then in a two inch tube for three 7 minutes sets. In between the pumping sets I jelq, especially between the balls. The pumping loosens up the scrotum so the inner penis can be grasped very well and bent around the thumb in a kind of A-Bend. I can really get a good grip on the inner shaft this way, and I’ve been getting some real good lig pops which feel as if they are coming from the inner shaft itself or perhaps the ligs that conectes it. I feel the pops more than hear them, but there is difinately a good pop everytime I pull on it in that pliable condition. I believe these hard pulls and bends are giving me the good flaccid length gains but I worry about that bulb and or the prostate. When I’m not Peing I always wear 2lbs of lead for ADS all the hours I’m awake, then traction wrap lightly with the mag-wrap to sleep. I know it is a harsh routine, not for new members but I’ve gained considerably with no real losses that I know of, so far.

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Crap, you guys are scaring me! I don’t want my penis to become un-attached and my prostate to be bouncing around loose in my belly!

I do know that the most common side affect of hanging girth wise is “tree trunk syndrome”, where in your base girth is noticibly greater.

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Originally Posted by T-rex
I have similar concerns as Tiger regarding loosening the attachment. Is that possible?
I hang SO with 20 - 25 lbs.

I really don’t know, but I’m sure that I don’t know of anyone reporting problems along these lines. I’m sorry that I can’t be more definitive, but from my own experience with SO hanging, I have nothing negative to report…its all good.

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