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Inner penis girth development?


Originally Posted by patchukwurah
Dunno how that liar did it, but I do it by using a captains wench with a loooong strap (about 6 feet). I attach it like regular hanging, but then I lay on my bed and put the weight over the back of a chair that’s at the end of the bed behind my head.

It’s really nice, I do it with an alarm clock so I can take a nap for 20 minutes during each set. Literally making my dick bigger while I sleep :p I made a shitty diagram in paint. Good luck!

Nice,the things us guys do for a bigger penis:)

Wow dude. That’s awesome; the alarm clock thing. So original poster, are you basically just suggesting that we clamp the base while kegeling? How does one do a btb jelq??

I know, I feel like a necromancer * stares past a forming cloud of integral debris into a yawning void; eyebrows askew as if being blown back by a jet engine.


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