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Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair

Quick question:

An ingrown hair can be irritating to say the least. I got one on the shaft of my dick. Developed yesterday. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?


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You want to get rid of your shaft? Now, why would you want to do a silly thing like that?

Sorry, haven’t got a serious answer for you.


I had one come up a couple of weeks ago. Man, that thing did not want to go away!! I put Neosporin creme on it for about 5 days. The hair finally came out on its own, and the bump is almost healed.


>An ingrown hair can be irritating to say the least. I got one on the shaft of my dick. Developed yesterday. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?<

Dab Listorine on it for several minutes. Just keep a tissue soaked with it on the bump for several minutes a couple times per day. It will probably start ‘weeping’ within a few minutes, and you may be able to squeeze it gently and evacuate the follicle. DO NOT squeeze hard. Let it evacuate on it’s on if it has to.


I’ve been able to fix ingrown hairs on of my face with tweezers. You just scrape away at the skin until the hair pops out. It hurts a little and I don’t know if I would recommend doing this on your shaft but I thought I’d mention it anyway.


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You wimps!! :)

I dig ingrown hairs out with a straight pin. Root around and make a hole in the skin big enough to pry up the downward growing end of the hair so it sees daylight as it should. Or rip the damn thing out with tweezers once you can get ahold of it. Squeeze out any pus and wipe off the blood. Then pour on some alcohol, iodine solution, or hit it with a glob of Neosporin. Problem solved.

I had to fix a bunch of these bastards both times I tried shaving. Now that I pluck and use electric clippers ingrown hairs are a rare occurrence.

Edited to add:

If you’re light skinned you can usually see upon close examination which way the rogue hair is growing under the skin.

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I use aloe vera gel to prevent ingrown hairs on my dick and face.

I, like Hobby, come from the pro-active, straight-pin school of thought.

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thanks for the replies.

Bib, Listerine is an interesting remedy. Gonna give it a shot. My GF has a solution, you know those girlie things for shaving your hair on the legs, which is supposed to help. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks again.

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I too “dig em out.”


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