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Infrared underwear

Infrared underwear

Does anybody own a pair of FIR Briefs?

Although they’re not exactly the height of style, I’m contemplating getting a couple of pairs as they may help with PE.

Some of the claims are increased circulation and greater metabolic rate, but of which would notionally be good for accelerated healing (and therefore time compression in terms of gains rate).


Might go well with my Ultraviolet Slacks & Microwave T-Shirt… on the other hand, heating the testes = sterility, so I think I’ll pass until someone comes up with some Gamma Ray Socks to go along with my Electromagnetic Ensemble.


FIR Briefs? Hmm, a link is in order there, Shiver.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

I’ve never heard of FIR briefs. I’m very interested in this.

You could try this link:

That’s what it says!!

Be prepared for a shock (not the electrical kind though!)

I’m not sure what would be worse. Having an accident wearing these, or an ADS

Thanks for extra info nevada.

Having looked at the mens site, I can’t help but get the feeling that they have something in common with penis pills, as they seem to cure everything.

Also we have the now obligatory medical sign although they have missed out the ‘doctor’ with a stethoscope slung round his neck.

How often do they consider guys change their underwear. Seemingly until they get stained with bacteria! Frankly I wuld have thought if they were hot enough to kill off bacteria they woul kill off sperm but fast. Since bacteria love warm moist places; again I would have thought they would encourage them.

I wonder if they are good for cold feet?

I think I’ll wait for someone else to make the $35 investment first.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

The ones I was looking at were on an equestrian site, and seemed to lack the hype of the above link. I really can’t make my mind up on this one. I’m sold on the benefits of IR in general (thermotex, euon, sauna etc), and I was originally looking for a ceramic impregnated bandage for a wrap when I decided to look for the underwear. I’m not into the idea of covering the nuts, but since I’m not looking to make babies at the moment it’s not that big a deal for me.

I don’t see it creating sweat/bacteria though, probably quite the opposite. As I’m also into snow sports, IR thermals have my interest for other uses.

I’m not too sure about the infra red side of things. As there is no source of power to produce it the heat can only come from the body which is heavily insulated by the material. If that is the case then the body particularly the balls would tend to sweat to cool down as they are firmly held in place by the U/p.

The time scale of changing them that seems to be implied would also allow dried urine to accumulate, which then combined with the sweat would be distictly Uck’ish.

Not for me methinks. Although in sub zero temperatures worn only whilst ski-ing would no doubt be OK.

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