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Infrared Lamp Types

Infrared Lamp Types

Has anyone used this type of infrared lamp before? How does it differ from typical lamp with an IR bulb?

Here are the benefits of the lamp advertised on the website:

The CQG-12 Desktop offers the same benefits as our other TDP lamps but in a smaller (lower power) package that will fit on your desktop for easy operation.
• Raises temperature in tissue
• Expansion of capillary vessels
• Rejuvenation of cells
• Promotion of blood circulation
• Helps to move toxins from cells
• Improvement in Lymphatic system

If you would like to see the whole advertisement, go to:

It would be nice to get some feedback before dishing out $90 + shipping on this.

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Started Feb 1, 2007 - Newbie Routine

ELBP: 5 3/4", ELNBP: 5", EG: 4 7/8"

FL: 3", FG: 4"

Um, to be honest I don’t even really know the difference between an IR lamp and a ‘typical lamp with an IR bulb’.

All I can say is that $90 is way over the top. My 150W IR lamp cost about $20 and all I needed to was to walk into a Home Depot store and ask an assistant if I could try one (on my hand, of course!). It only started getting badly hot after 5 minutes and in a range of about 12 inches, so I bought it.

That thing you found there looks quite good for positioning, though. Being able to keep the IR light out of your line of sight is important.

What I by ‘typical lamp with an IR bulb’ is they type that you have, one you can get at Wal-Mart or Home Depot.

The one I posted doesn’t seem to have a replaceable light bulb. I think this is more of a heat only lamp and I don’t think it gives off any light. If I’m not mistaken, the one you can buy at HD gives off a red light as well as heat.

Since I have never seen one of these types before, I don’t really know what to expect. I was just wondering if anyone has used one and what they thought of it.

Started Feb 1, 2007 - Newbie Routine

ELBP: 5 3/4", ELNBP: 5", EG: 4 7/8"

FL: 3", FG: 4"

That IR lamp does definitely appear to be a step above the typical. When I looked it up on line somewhere else did mention that it produces no visible light, just to clarify that.

Not being technician I can’t comment on the wavelegth of the infra- red. But while it produces no light, it still only produces infra-red which is the same type of infra-red the bulb produces.

It might (or might not) penetrate the tissue more deeply. But how deeply do you have to go to get your willie ligs heated up?

All in all I would suggest the lamp would do the same job, but perhaps you might use less electricity. - not much though.

It would probably have more attration in a physio surgery, where it would be on all the time.And I would think it’s main advantage would be for the face when the light might cause eye problems. apart from that I’d go for the lamp.

Hope that helps,


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