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Infrared Heat For warming Anaconda Jr. 125vs150

Infrared Heat For warming Anaconda Jr. 125vs150

Yo guys:
I been using a 250 watt Infrared Bulb for the heat, but I feel it is way too much (too hot).

So I went thru the old threads and found that some guys have been using the 125watt infrared bulb. The bad thing is that I can only find the 150watt in the ruby red glass that I need it.

Is 150watt too hot for the snake? People have said that 125watt was perfect so I was wondering if the 150watt would be too much again.

Is anybody using the 150watt incandescent or ceramic heat emitters and what are your results?

I use a 400 W Hallo-gen heater and sit about 12 in from it. Works like a charm.

Can’t you just put the lamp farther away? Or am I missing something?

Yeah just put it farther away.

I’ve tried it still creates parts were it is too damn hot and then parts were it’s hardly heating.

Use a rice sock… works great!! plus you save on your electric bill!


I bought a 125 and 250watt bulb to see which one I liked better. 250 all the way for me.

I’m using 150W IR comfortably. I keep it at a distance of 1 to 2 feet depending the need for the heat intensity. I usually keep it closer during the start/warming up and then keep it at ~2 feet while working out.

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