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Info on Nerve Damage


It all went to sh#t the day after I pulled it too hard.

Oh please.

If you hurt your dick like you say, why wouldnt you go and see a doctor?

Maybe you could get it chopped off and become a woman if your not happy with it.

You ask for advice but dont take it.

Sounds like shit to me.

I went to the site I got the routine advice from. Here.
I noticed lots of posts about doctors not bringing anything to the table. I might go in the future.

But nearly ALL of the posts touch on how the nerves usually recover (slowly, weeks/months/up to a year), so that was the advice I took.

And I took that advice because you guys have been thru it and the doctor hasn’t.

Why is everybody so doctor-happy in here? Is it because you have no advice?
If you got nothin, you don’t need to contribute.

There are plenty of injury threads on this site.
They all say things recover (slowly) and rag on doctors.

BUT, they have recovered with time hardcastle, you have not. See the difference?

Also, most guys that get jack shit from a doctor visit are usually not honest with their docs about what caused their visit in the first place.

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Hardcastle, firstly let me just clear the air and say that as a doctor (ER) I DO pull on my dick, especially when my girlfriend is out of town or has a headache ;-) Secondly, in regards to your problem, it is always difficult to assess people over the Internet or the phone as is often requested in the ER because doctors have important senses unavailable for their assessment (sight, touch I.e palpation and, God forgive, odour). I could only hazard a guess without further info about symptoms and signs and your background medical history, but it does sound like you have sustained some kind of nerve damage. Nerve damage can be transitory, but 10 months is getting on, and if it was me, I would request referral to a Urologist. Yes, there are competent doctors and incompetent doctors, and many probably are unaware of PE, but I would still prefer someone to assess me, even with my medical and PE knowledge. And perhaps you could educate the doctor about PE so that he/she is better informed the next time someone presents with a similar problem.

First post here but great site with generally helpful advice, and my missus appreciates the rewards so far too! After 14 hours overnight in the ER, I’m off to bed.

Hardcastle, don’t take this the wrong way, but if it’s because of the cost of a doctor, I’ll give you $50 toward a consultation. I can send it via Paypal. You can’t continue in pain like this.

Don’t turn me down if you think I am simply making this offer out of pity/charity - it’s out of self-interest, this forum needs as much information as possible on injuries/treatments, especially for us newbies.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Welcome to the forum Doc.

Too right Bossman, I must add 8inlover to my select buddy list/specialist section/emergencies :spin2: . Tit’s useless in this area, reckons drain-rods are the cure for everything and I’d be looking for a second opinion from time to time.

Another job done :gulp:

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Asc, Thunder, et. al.

Since my injury I had been noticing a dull achey pain along the left side of my manhood.
I have lightly massaged it off and on over the 11 months of my injury period.

Amazingly, LAST NIGHT I decided to massage deeper. I took my 1st & 2nd fingers together (as if they were taped together) and really rubbed deep into the side (about midshaft) forward and backward.

About 20-30 seconds into the deep tissue massage, I felt a shot of pain. It was like a mini electric volt. Right away my manhood went into project “assume turtle mode.”

It shrunk right down. So I decided to let it stew…

I rolled over next my GF, almost onto my stomach, but keeping it free and the pressure off it.

I started to get an overwhelming sense of relief. It was almost like I dislodged something that was really impeding stuff in my dick. It was a strange kind of “calm” pain. There were feelings like my dick was flushing with blood, like nerve impulses were charging through; it was really comforting even though I was in a slight state of panic. It was also very touchy and more of a squeezing pain, as if the turtling effect (slowly pulling back into my abdomen) was painful because I inflamed something in my member, so when my body tried tightening it in close, I would get this dull/achey shot of pain. It was slowly pulling tight so every few seconds I feel the discomfort of the turtling. It felt good and strange at the same time. Made my abdomen want to curl in and me to want to keep myself heated.

A few minutes later, I got a spontaneous partial erection. Needless to say I was stoked. I was giddy today. I think the penis has a very strong/hidden kind of uniformity with overall mood and well-being.

I think I may have found something here guys.
Something running along the shaft a bit deeper from the surface.

I’ll give it a few days (to get back some strength in the area) and try another deep massage.

Might be some kind of a nerve center/lining/pathway that was compromised somehow by the BIG BAD STRETCH injury from 11 months ago.

We’ll see how it goes.
Hope you guys are interested in how this progresses.

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Good luck with that, Hardcastle. And I mean that.

But here is my diagnosis: The problem 100% mental, 0% physical. No offense, but that is what I think.

Anyway, where do you live? In Canada they have “Men’s Clinics” (see which is where I would go if I suffered your symptoms. I will guarantee that in this day and age, these doctors — and many urologists in USA, Canada and Europe — will have experienced patients injuring themselves exersizing their dicks.

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Originally Posted by rousseau506
Too right Bossman, I must add 8inlover to my select buddy list/specialist section/emergencies :spin2: . Tit’s useless in this area, reckons drain-rods are the cure for everything and I’d be looking for a second opinion from time to time.

Another job done :gulp:

Don’t take any notice of him Doc. He’s always been satisfied with the engergising action of drain rods. He just wants a new person he can bore to death with his problems.

And a big welcome to the Forum.

Tit (ziggle)


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