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Incremental Squeeze's

Incremental Squeeze's

I happen to be an easy girth gainer, but these new excercise’s are putting girth on me like never before, jelqing is only used as a maintenance routine.

What I do is get a nice hard erection jerk off a lil bit(kinda rough almost jelqing) wait about 30sec to a minute w/ no stimulation, it gets less hard. Then I do a tourniquet(sp?) at the extreme base, I’m talking palm facing outwards pushed into my balls and pubic bone. Kegel to get as much blood into my dick as possible then I take my pointer, middle finger, and thumb and squeeze right behind the head for about 1-2 seconds, then letting go and moving about 1 finger down the shaft, keep doing this till you reach your other hand and then work back up. During this you must keep kegeling to keep plenty of blood in the penis. But oh my god does it burn, you can feel the CC and CS enlarging beyond their normal proportions.

Hope this helps someone, and if it’s been done before I don’t want to steal your shine just tryin to help ppl out. so many new excercise’s coming out everyday it’s hard to keep track(pun intended) :lol:

Nice variation of sad sacks (I guess the incremental finger squeeze is called sadsacks on this site). But your incremental squeeze is running all over the dick. How long have you been doing this, and what’s the gain?
How many such squeezes do you do in one PE session?
Also, if you have been jelqing only and then introduced this squeeze into your routine, how does this compare with jelqing?

I have been doing sad sack squeezes (about 7-8 per session) and about 20 semi erect jelq strokes. I have probably (because I hadn’t measured initial girth) gained 0.125”. What is your routine AnotherGuy? Thanks…

I have noticed that incremental finger squeeze balloons the penis much more than jelqing. So I wonder if jelqing even compares to squeezes (sad sacks, horses) as far as girth increase is concerned. What do you guys think?

I do a squeeze that lasts about 2 full minute’s go up and down the shaft with the incremental holds. Then I stretch for length. My gains have been about 1/8” in the past 2 weeks girth wise. Jelqing no longer seems to give me the pressure I need to grow the CC and CS. But these squeeze’s are killing me, I literally feel the stretch like my dick is about to burst. and the safter shock hang is incredible, nearly 6” NBP hang for 2 hours and girth is at 5.75” soft for that period of time. I also notice I’m getting the hardest hardon’s ever. My libido is also through the roof. I had a 2 hour sex session the other day in which I could not bust from intercourse, girl went dry. Didn’t have lube:(

I think this may also be a side effect of one or a combo of supplements I’m taking.

I take:
Vitamin C 500mg 2 time’s daily
Zinc 50mg 1 time daily
Tribulus Terrestris 625mg 1 time daily
Ginkgo Biloba 60mg 1 time daily
L-Arginine/Ornithine 2000mg 1 time daily
L-Lysine 500mg 1 time daily

The tribulus is suppose to aid in the production of testosterone, and enhance libido. So I’m not sure if that’s the cause or these intense workouts either way I can’t complain:D

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