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Increasing the size of your glans

Increasing the size of your glans

I am trying an exercise where you “milk” your semi-erect penis from the base up to the glans, then hold pressure on the glans for 30 seconds. This is not a jelq as you can use your entire hand to force the blood into your glans. I did not see this exercise in the videos or find it when I did my glans size research. I just thought I would give it a try. If anyone else has any experience with this particular movement please let me know what your results were or any pointers you could give me.



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Its kind of the same as a slow, clamped jelq movement. In that movement there is so much blood you can only move your fingers up an inch or two before the pressure stops it from going any further. In other words, it should work well for you as long as you’re only going for head size and not overall girth.

Another one that I’ve played with is loosely wrapping beneath the head and then kegeling/massaging in tons of blood before tightening the wrap. You can really make it expand this way as well.

Good luck!

onehung lo,

After you milk your penis, leave your hand down by your gland, and take the other hand and push down on the haed to flatten it? This will put a lot of preasure on the head. Do this for 30 sec.

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