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Increasing show at gym


Increasing show at gym

I am interested in temporary size gains.

I wonder if anyone has any techniques for increasing their package show when wearing gym shorts that are more revealing.

I guess a rubber band or other constricting device might work but haven’t experimented with it.

I also have another idea. The principle is the same as that used in various eye and face creams that minimize the appearance of wrinkles. They do this buy pumping up the skin I believe. I have tried some hand lotion called “Vaseline firming and nourishing.” It does seem to increase the flaccid girth a noticeable amount.


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Drink much more water to increase flacid size. I can vouch for this. Here’s a recent post describing the info:

Water water everywhere…

12/10/03 at 5.90" BPEL x 4.75"

07/15/04 at 7.00" BPEL x 5.00"

Goal...bigger ;)

Fowfers can increase the flaccid hang (and maybe the erect length also). May take a month or two to notice a difference.

Like llbigj said drink a lot of water, I get really big when I have to take a leak

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what is Fowfers?

What’s Fowfers, that’s what I was thinking, among other things best not divulged. I do hope it’s clean, otherwise I have gone OTT in the lewd department, once again. Oh well, if I am arrested, I hope I get the judge using the vacuum pump, I’ll keep winking at him and I’m sure to get off.

I probably would too, but that’s another thought!!

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Fowfer is pulling your dick behind you and sitting on it. There are cautions that go along with it so it would be good to do a search and research it well before starting it. I believe it is also listed in a PE exercises thread at Thunder’s that lists and describes the various PE exercises. It’s known for flaccid gain, but erect gains from it are debatable at this time.

Thanks been, so that’s what it is, I never would have guessed, not in a million years. At a push (shudder to think of it), I would have guessed that it might be an energy drink, or a non-alcoholic beer perhaps. I won’t be trying this for sure (says he, typing uncomfortably, whilst standing up). If I did attempt to Fowfer, I would probably end up fucking myself and I’m not that desperate!!

Fowfers is being carefully put away, for now.

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I just had to ask!

BTW, Do you Fowfer, yourself (: , much?

Or in other words, have you been there, beenthere?!!!!!.

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I’m currently doing a fowfers only PE test to see if it helps with erect gains. I only do the sit on the cheeks version however.

Tube- I’ve experimented and found success with cable wraps/velcro.

Take a loop big enough to fit around the base and behind the balls and tighten. Basically this is a cloth/fabric cock ring that’s much more adjustable than metal and conforms to your package…and it has quick release.

I do some jelqs and horses, then apply the velcro ring and voila’…instant increase. In fact so instant and so big that you really feel kind of obscene. I wore it out to poolside with my ex-GF a few weeks ago (yes, we’re still friends) and the look on her face when I came out of the pool was priceless- the swimsuit is a regular trunk (speedo but not bikini) but when wet it clings so well you can almost see the glans and it certainly leaves no doubt when your flaccid hang is large- mine was at 6.5” that day.

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Originally Posted by beenthere
>I only do the sit on the cheeks version however.

I had a strange feeling that this was going to be your answer. LMAO

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Any more suggestion?

Sure, just get a cheap vacuum pump, do a 25 mins pumping routine before going to the gym, and show off.

Just don’t overdo it, since cheap vacuum pumps won’t give you neither display nor control of the vacuum pressure. I recommend a 5 mins warmup and a 5-10 mins jelq routine before pumping to prevent blisters and other possible damage to your unit. With some sort of cock ring/cloth you can even extend the amount of time your unit stays well engorged.





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