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Increased veineige; a good sighn of..?

Increased veineige; a good sighn of..?

The “muscular” look your penis aqcuires after a good and thourough PE routine, is a good sign of;

a)Proficient Jelqing?
b)Proficient Stretching?
c)Proficient something else I haven’t thought about, or
d)All or none of the above?

Is it also safe to assume that because your veinage has increased, you must be at least on the right track to performing PE successfuly?


This is an interesting question, because the vascular look is sought after by many people in PE as well as the bodybuilding world. The general opinion is that vascularity = strength, but I doubt this is 100% true. I have been told that it has a lot to do with muscle texture as well, of course one things for sure, with the right form of jelqing and intensity you will begin to display veinage on your penis.

I have hardly worked on PE but veinage has become very prominent and even the last month or so that i have not jelqued, veinage is still pretty prominent while erect :) My girlfriend once commented on it, i have a feeling she thinks its ‘scary’. lol

Hopefully some vets will post a definate answer on here!

When you jelq over time, your penile structure is altered significantly. It’s a sign of good jelq progress. It signifies that your structure is adapting to the exercises. A good sign.

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“Scary” :D . I wish my girlfriend said she was scared of my dick :D

I`ll get to where I`m going, no matter how.Nothing`s impossible.I`ll die before I quit.

Awesome. I remember after my first PE session ever, when I looked in the mirror, I got a real shock. My dick looked like a Grandpa dick.

Because of all the veins, and the redness, and it shriveled a little, I was quiet thrown back by it actually.


Although it may look a little freaky, you’d think a veiny dick would feel good to a girl.

Kind of “ribbed, for her pleasure” even without a rubber :D

Originally Posted by FiberWire
“Scary” :D . I wish my girlfriend said she was scared of my dick :D

hehe, yeah hope I hear that some day. My girls reaction was more like “look at all the veins sweety, its scary !!” hehe

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