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Increase Your Prowess

Increase Your Prowess

I intended to post this in the “Bodybuilding” forum, but I thought it should be seen by everybody – even those not inclined towards pumping iron. I think that we, as “non-traditional trainees” should consider the entire body as a subject for our efforts. Increase your prowess and maximize the effectiveness of your “new unit.” It can be done at home, even without weights, in relatively brief workout sessions.
For guys who already train, great; this post probably has little to offer you – except maybe a few ideas. But for other guys, give it a legitimate shot. This is no “sissy” workout – especially when done properly. It will strengthen your “bedroom muscles,” increase muscle mass, muscular endurance, cardio fitness – as well as burning fat & improving your overall shape.
The workout should be done in the following order:

1) Abdominal Crunches – build up to 5 x 50 (then add weight disc behind head)
2) Pushups/Bench Press – workout up to 5-6 sets of 25 reps (to make things tougher, reduce rest times between sets, “explode” on the press & lower slowly, vary hand spacing, etc.)
3) Squats/Deep Knee Bends/Hack Squats against Wall (w/pillow at your back) – as a variation, these can be done “non-locking” (i.e., never lock-out your knees, but “complete” the movement about an inch or 2 below that – gives insane burn to thighs) – these could be done for 4-6 sets of 30-50 reps
4) Buttock Flex (stand facing wall at distance of outstretched arms; lean into wall, bending arms; clench your buttock muscles as tightly as possible for 7 seconds; release & keep repeating) – work up to about 10 minutes per day at this [combined with squats/deep knee bends, this will really work your ass cheeks]. As a finishing move, while still leaning against wall, can do leg lifts (behind you). Keep your leg straight, then just lift it backwards. Do 5 with one leg, alternate, do 5 with the other, then alternate again – do these for a good burn.
5) Calf Raises – these can be done several ways. While standing on floor, they can be done toes out, toes in, toes straight ahead. They can also be down on a staircase (or other rise), resting only on the balls of your feet, with your heels hanging down over the edge – for a much deeper stretch.
Try this workout Monday-Wednesday-Friday, at first. After some time, stick with every other day; eventually, go to 2-on-1-off.

For all these exercises, warm up thoroughly. Also, make sure you warm up your hamstrings (before doing the squat exercises) – this will relieve tension on your lower back. But all of these exercises can be gradually increased in intensity by:
1) Doing super-slow reps
2) Continuous Tension reps (no “stopping” at top or bottom of movement)
3) Non-locking reps (by not locking your joints you keep constant tension on the working muscles)
4) Explosive Plyometric reps (speed-reps) – you lower slowly, under control (extension of the muscle), then “explode” into the rep (contraction of the muscle) – in short, it’s slow “negatives,” fast “positives.”
5) Alter angles (on pushups, you can elevate feet; squats, do them “hack” style; calf raises, suspend your heels lower than your toes – i.e., off of a step)
6) Reduce rest times (begin around 90-120 seconds, or so; gradually reduce to only about 45 seconds rest between sets; for cardio effect, make it 30 seconds rest)
7) Forcefully contract (“flex”) the muscles you’re working after each rep

Use your imagination. You could make this “simple” workout damn challenging. In the process, you’ll be strengthening your “bedroom muscles,” burning fat and greatly improving your overall body shape, reducing fat pad, etc., etc. Furthermore, any additions of muscle mass will greatly improve your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) – which is the general “speed” of your metabolism. Increase your BMR and you’ll be burning more calories even at rest.
This workout, in fact, is the one I’ve started on – a far cry from the iron I used to toss around the gym, but so what? I’m almost 39 and I’m more interested in fitness & health. But I know that I can chisel my body on even this workout. Maybe later I’ll return to the gym – but not after I lose about 30 lbs & tone up some.
Give it a shot!

I now know my new years resolution :)

Well, I am 52 and am still hoisting the iron. It’s a great way to stay young, fit and healthy. Circuit training for me.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I just ate almost a pound of M&M dam things you just can’t stop I now feel sick and have a serious sugar rush, I just posted on like 6 threads in 2 minutes. I have been really good with the gym for the last 6 months and I don’t usually eat junk food. I’m freaking out from all the sugar!! Hanging with a bag of M&M’s whhhooo yeah!!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


I hear ya’! I need to get my skinny ass in the gym. Do you think that working out (esp. cardio) will improve PE gains? What’s your experience with this?


You are BAD! I’m gonna spank ya! Bend ovva baby.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


Believe me I feel sick! Sugar rush first and now I’m crashing I feel like a six year old :D

Back to the gym on Thursday

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Originally posted by Makemehung

I hear ya'! I need to get my skinny ass in the gym. Do you think that working out (esp. cardio) will improve PE gains? What's your experience with this?

I believe that exercise is probably beneficial for PE gains - improved oxygenation of blood, release of various substances, hormones, etc. Exercise benefits the whole being, so why not PE?

Thats good for health but I aim for muscles.

As soon as my rotator cuff heals, if it heals.

Looking to be a kiwi.

Originally posted by Dino9X7
I feel like a six year old :D

Michael Jackson’s famous words.

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