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In regards to initial growth period

In regards to initial growth period

Now i am by far the least to provide advice to anyone however i was wondering. It has been stated that usually after the first two or three months (at the minimum) the penis begins to get used to the excecise and slows down in gains, or stops gaining.

So is the penis similar to body training and that when you begin to feel and see the progress, before your body adapts, you begin to do more rigorous training to continue with results?

Maybe it would be more effective (and this is what i will plan to be doing) as soon as you see a significant gain say about maybe 1/4” - 3/4”, something more should be added on to the rountine in order to stimulate the penis.

Maybe I am wrong but its just an idea and would appreciate anyone whom has done this or taken this into consideration into their routine.


I believe that once you have exhausted the particular routine that you are on, that is, you have gained the most out of it that you possible could, then it would be time to alter your routine so it provides new stimulus for the penis.

Either by incorporating exercises that you haven’t done yet, or changing your schedule, frequency, or spit-sessions, or whatever, you should be heading in the right direction as far as encouraging gains to come.

This is true, and makes a lot of sense, but won’t you possibly get more gains/stronger penis if you alter the routine before exhausting your current one? That way your penis will not adapt as quickly to the new routine as in having to constantly change it because of the lack of gains.

AgentD66, This a method I strongly believe in and it gave me good, fast initial gains. Even though as you stated my gains have slowed down I still am gaining, slow but steadily. There are some vets here that I believe can back up the idea of changing a routine up every few weeks to help keep the gains constant no matter if they are slow or fast. The important thing is to try and keep them consant and hopefully avoid hitting a plateau. I commented on this particular method in the “Is there a faster way to PE success?” thread by Montana in this forum. You might also want to take a look at my “Cycling pressure up and down…Work those ligs baby!!!” thread in the pumper’s forum.

b1nzen, I will most certainly look up your posts due to my growing curiosity of maximizing my gains and strengthening my routine and possible excercises to do as time progresses of course. And i was also wondering about ligs and the tunica seeing as these are very important in growth. Thanks for the reference to your thread!


AgentD66 I think this varies for most men but I do think that if something consistently is not working then action must be taken. For me or anyone I have worked with being patient with a particular exercise before scrapping it may be the most difficult. I am constantly trying new exercise and giving it a fair shake becomes confusing to me at times…I always get stuck between being patient and being sensible. The other part of this is some exercise that was not productive for me in the past actually becomes productive later on in my program. My biggest advice on this topic is to keep and extremely concise journal on all your PE exercise, measurements, and experiments. This had been key for me because I can track my gains and stagnation to the letter. It also serves as a good memory system to reintroduce exercise that previously did not work. For myself I used the same routine for a year without stagnation. But once I did become stagnant I revamped my program and the gains started up again…This process took alot of data to determine, but the data was available.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Thanks again DLD.. you seem to be around whenever I ask something lol.

So for now just stick with the routine until no more progress is seen (after there has been of course)?


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