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Improved Routine

Improved Routine

Hello all, I recently took a break from PE and decided to completely change my routine, because I had no sign of gains after 3 months. I decided, since schools out, to split up my routine by doing stretching in the morning and jelq-type things near night. I was told I was overworking my unit so I split each exercises nearly in half. Here is my routine I plan to start tomorrow:

-5 Minute Warm Up In Shower
-Fowfer (Left, Right, Center) 1 Minute Each
-Stretch Straight Down (Left, Right, Center) 1 Minute Each
-Straight Down Rotary Stretches 10 Rotations
-Stretch Straight Out (Left, Right, Center) 1 Minute Each
-Straight Out Rotary Stretches 10 Rotations
-Stretch Straight Up (Left, Right, Center) 1 Minute Each
-Straight Up Rotary Stretches 10 Rotations
-Inverted V-Stretch With Proactive Bottle (Left, Right, Down) 1 Minute Each

-5 Minute Warm Up In Shower
-Testicle Stretch (Above, Below) 1 Minute Each
-Shaft Skin Stretch 1 Minute
-Two Handed Wet Jelq (Underhand Grip) 4 Sets Of 50 Strokes, 200 Total
-Amazing Isometrics (Left, Right, Down) 30 Kegels Each
-Horse Squeezes Mixed With Sadsak Head Exercise; Add Finger Every 15 Seconds, 1 Minute Total
-Vein Technique 1 Minute
-Kegels 200 Quick, 50 x 5 second hold
-Bed Fowfers

-I plan to perform this routine 5 days on 2 days off, and after each week I’ll multiply the amount performed by 1.1, which will give me next weeks schedule.

If anyone has any advice, such as things I should add/take out, something different I should do, etc. I have a small unit, measuring at about 5.125 NBPEL x 4.25 EG. I really would appreciate some input to help my PEing experience more successful. Thanks guys!

Alright well if there are no comments, I’m going to start this routine tomorrow, lets hope I can get some gains before college!

Looks like a little much. Drop some things and slowly build up your routine.

Alright, thanks for the advice. I believe everything in the morning session is necessary but I guess I can drop some of the things in the night session, which is made up of jelqing and pretty much things that I took from others routines. I’m just looking for some gains it’s been 3 months and I haven’t saw anything. I’m 18 and hit puberty late and still believe I have some more natural growth coming. But I think PE will help me get more out of it, so I’m looking for the best routine possible.

Tell me what your goals are and I will make a routine accordingly.

Bird2 my goal ==> 8 X 6 :D

I think you will even be o.k if you where to do 10-15 minute stretches in the morning and 10-15 minutes jelqing in the evening. Of course with a 5 minute warm up using a rice sock before each workout. I thing you are putting too much emphasis on too many different exercises. Pick two streches that you like and do them for 5-10 minutes each. As for jelqing, alternate between dry and wet either during the same workout or on different days.

I am currently 5.25 NBPEL x 4.375 EG. My goal before college is 6 NBPEL x 5 EG, which is about 3 months form now. I believe with a good routine I can reach this goal. My long term goal is 7 x 6, but that’s long term.

My current routine(length only):
5x3 min of stretching (l,r,u,d,so)
2x3 min of inverted v stretch
2x3 min of two way stretch
4x15 JAI stretches
5x20 sec amazing isometrics

Best routine I have used before reaching my girth goal:
2x15 minutes
10 Ulis
10 horses.

Start with stretching for one minute and add 30 seconds each week until you reach the 3 minutes. With clamping start with 2x10 minutes and make it 2x15 the following month. Do this to lower the risk of over training.

Thanks for all the help Bird2. I added JAI stretches to my routine and well as Ulis, but what are two way stretches? I searched everywhere and can’t find them.

Originally Posted by amo9812
Thanks for all the help Bird2. I added JAI stretches to my routine and well as Ulis, but what are two way stretches? I searched everywhere and can’t find them.

Stretching your cock both ways. A normal stretch with one hand pulling away from your body while using your other hand to pull the base to your body. This creates a good stretch.

Thanks for all your help! I plan to add some to my routine and start it on June 12th, let’s hope I see some gains. I really need them!

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