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Important question

Important question

hey guys its been 3 months wiht no improvement in sensativity and I have seen 2 urologists and 1 neurologist and one more on the way. Doubt anyone remembers what happened but at any rate I have a question. I know there are 2 nerves that go along the top and have nerve branches that spread over the sides around to the bottom but one of the docs mentions a nerve that goes along teh bottom as well that branches off and up to the top although it plays less of a roel in sensativity. What I am wondering is if the 2 nerves on top were dead, even though this is most likely not the case, and all I have is the one on the bottom what woudl I be able to feel? Would there be competely numb spots or just spots of less sensativity where the nerves from on the bottom of the penis spread around? would I be able to feel the head at all? I have 100% sensativity still on the scar tissue around the circumsition(sp?) and still have most in the head and area in between although the skin in these areas are less sensative it seems in some areas. On the top there is only sensativity to pinch with nails and it still hurts so its not numb. As far as internaly goes I have sensativity from half way to the end or so to the endand at teh very base, same goes with the skin at teh base. Hopefully I can get another opinion from someone with some knowledge on this board. Thanks… AND DONT HURT YOURSELF DAMNIT :)

Joe Seven, I am going to research this as much as I can on my end. I just read most of the posts you made in this forum and have a pretty good handle on you injury and what has happened since then. As many people know I train 100% erect for many of my exercises and I am very curious to your injury and what exactly happened. I also hope to be able to find some additional information for you and your plight. You made reference that this numbness happened before and went away…What was the cause of the first injury? Do you think that this injury may have not been completely healed and then in remanifested inself from the pressure? What have doctors told you so far specifically about your condition?

Thanks DLD

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important answer

Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
As many people know I train 100% erect for many of my exercises and I am very curious to your injury and what exactly happened.

Thanks DLD

I didn’t know this, DLD, but it answers a lot of my unasked questions, and some unanswered asked ones as well.

I’m about to embark on an extreme routine thanks to your most impressive results and this bit of information is crucial.

Thanks again, DLD, for your pioneering work.

JoeSeven: I hope you’re recovery is progressing well.


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