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Importance of visualization


I think that visualization is a very powerful tool. As Iamaru stated, it’s used in so many competitive arenas. I personally believe that my height 6’2” is due in large part to my belief (at about 6 years old) that I would be that height. By the way my father is 5’11”, mother is 5’7” and brother is 5’9”. I remember hearing about how Michael Jordan always believed he would be tall and ended up around 6’6” with both parents and siblings under 6’. I just wish I had believed (at 6 years old) that I would have had a 8”x6” unit. Oh, well I guess that’s what PE is for. Back to hanging!

It’s important. Not as important as research, thinking and commitment to what you decide to do.

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Wishfull thinking.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Isn’t this called wishful thinking?

Hahahaha. Shit in one hand, wish in the other, see which one fills first.

Just kidding, I have heard of this before.

Mental is a powerful weapon you can have by your side in different areas in life. I use it in the gym since couple of weeks, and I believe this is the main reason why I didnt gain like I should this year : mental wasnt there.


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