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Importance of visualization


I think that visualization is a very powerful tool. As Iamaru stated, it’s used in so many competitive arenas. I personally believe that my height 6’2” is due in large part to my belief (at about 6 years old) that I would be that height. By the way my father is 5’11”, mother is 5’7” and brother is 5’9”. I remember hearing about how Michael Jordan always believed he would be tall and ended up around 6’6” with both parents and siblings under 6’. I just wish I had believed (at 6 years old) that I would have had a 8”x6” unit. Oh, well I guess that’s what PE is for. Back to hanging!

It’s important. Not as important as research, thinking and commitment to what you decide to do.

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Tell me, o monks; what cannot be achieved through efforts. - Siddharta Gautama, The Buddha

Wishfull thinking.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Isn’t this called wishful thinking?

Hahahaha. Shit in one hand, wish in the other, see which one fills first.

Just kidding, I have heard of this before.

Mental is a powerful weapon you can have by your side in different areas in life. I use it in the gym since couple of weeks, and I believe this is the main reason why I didnt gain like I should this year : mental wasnt there.


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