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Importance of breaks

Importance of breaks

Well, I haven’t really been able to access this site because I have had alot on my plate as of late and my PE has been taking a hit as well. For the past week or so, I haven’t been able to do any PE whatsoever, but today my EQ was through the roof so I figured I would measure with what free time I had.

I picked the ruler up and to my amazement, I had gained .25 ” in just that 1 weeks break! To further clarify, the same week that I had begun to take an abscense from PE, I had measured myself because it was the end of the month and I had realized my .25” gains from then. So in the past 2 - 3 weeks I have realized a half inch gain, going from 7.0” BPEL to 7.5”, and half of it coming from my untimley break!

Just thought I would share my story on what has been an unbelievable ride named PE thus far. I know this has been discussed before but this really opened my eyes to the importance to breaks. I think it’s time to donate soon. :cool:

You must be one ‘a them fast-gainers. :) Good for you.



You stretch to STIMULATE growth, you GROW when RESTING ;)

Hmmm, resting doesn’t seem to do much for me, other than EQ increase. I seem to get longer the more I stretch.. I haven’t took a break from stretching in 2 weeks straight now. Maybe I’m hitting my ligs.

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