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I'm sure this has been discussed to death..

I'm sure this has been discussed to death..

..but I was reading a thread on PEforum and RB stated that Bib believed it was better to get length, and then go work on girth. RB mentioned something about a “thicker” object being harder to stretch. I’m curious about this, but if most length comes from ligs, and girth is coming from expansion of the CC then is this a proper mentality. I know I’ll here differing opinions, but I’d like to here them none the less, and even more so if you have expieremented with going after only one vs the other. Thankyou everyone for PE.


This was the thread that lead to my recent posts on peforum-

Bib, tunica/lig stretch…

I don’t believe that the majority of length comes from lig stretching. I believe the tunica plays at least an equal if not more part in length gains. Bib has stated he attributes his gains equally to lig stretch and tunica stretch, each accounting for 1/2 his growth.

Looking at diagrams of the suspensory and fundiform ligaments, I find it hard to imagine that lig stretch itself accounts for even 1/2 a persons length gains. I feel the tunica plays a bigger part than most give it credit for. While certainly lengthening the ligs can lower the penis away from the body, giving the appearance of added length, we know from DLD’s study that illusion can plan a big role in how length is perceived.

So if we accept that the tunica plays a much greater role in length gains, stretching longitudly as well as laterally, it would make sense that it would be easier to get longitudal stretch if it was thinner versus thicker. Take the analogy of two rubber bands, both the same length but one thicker and one thinner. With equal stress applied, the thinner one stretches more easily. I think this is applicable to the tunica.

But maybe I’m just grasping at straws hoping to get some great length gains again. I’m one of the crazy ones. I want/need 9-10” to consistently reach the bottom of my wife’s pussy… :)


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