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I'm still alive

I'm still alive

It’s 1pm here in Finland, but I dont feel tired at all… I’ve been lazy last two days, practically no PE at all, so I decided to start my nightjelq marathon right now, because got nothing better to do :) Hmm… I’ve never jelqed more than 40 minutes / session, but now I’m going to trash that record into history. So.. Here it goes: my marathon routine

5 minutes HW - 30 minutes jelquing - 5 squeezes//2 minutes
3 minutes HW - 20 minutes jelquing - 10 squeezes//4 minutes
3 minutes HW - 10 minutes jelquing - 15 squeezes//6 minutes
5 minutes HW - 10 minutes JAIs
= total about 1:45

I’ll try to measure after this session (if I’ll just get it up..heh) and post measurements (I know, it’s very unofficial) under this thread.
now 6.89” / 4.84”
3pm ?.??” / ?.??”

Wish me luck, and keep me awake with some posts! :)

Keep GaininG! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

Ugh! Can’t really measure my unit now… :-/ That was one of the greatest PE sessions for me ever. I think doing a “marathon” once a week could be a good thing to do followed obviously by a rest day :)

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

JAI Question

Hi Johan-

I have a stretching question for you, or anyone else that may want to contribute:

When you do AI stretches, do you:

1) just pull away from your body, pulling/stretching dick, ligs and all, or …

2) have the non-gripping hand at the base and actually restrict the stretch soley to the dick tissue itself.

3) or both

I’m doing both, but wondered if one is better than the other (i.e. am I wasting my time with one of them, flirting with injury, etc) for some reason.

Thanks in advance for any input.


Hey DT,

I always mix different kind of stretches when stretching, not to get my dick too familiar with one kind of exercise, so my answer is that I do both.

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.


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