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I'm new and I need advice!!!!

I'm new and I need advice!!!!

I can’t tell you how hapy I am to have found you guys. It’s like brothers helping brothers here.

So here’s my story. I just started PE’ing. I began my 4th week today. The program I bought outlined a routine that takes about 1hr and 5- 10 min to complete and must be performed 5 days per week with two days off.

My beginning measurements are: 5X1/8 base to tip and 4X3/4 girth. I didn’t start bone pressing until this week. Today I bone pressed and recorded 6X1/8 and 5X5/16 base to tip. My girth came to 4X7/8.

It looks like I may be one of the slower gainers. Time will tell.

I recently read a post from a bodybuilder (uncutforbig I think) and he recommended less time consuming workouts. I also have noticed that many of you spend less time than I do Pe’ing and have made great gains.

I’m wondering if I should cut my workout time in half and focus more on intensity and technique and maybe add an extra rest day? How does this sound? 10-12 min/day of streching followed by 15 min of jelquing and 10 min of hot wraps at the beginning and the end?

To date I have experienced no unusual soreness in my penis, in fact none at all (just skin irritation from streching).

I also just ordered the Power Jelq device. Will this device make the jelqs more intense?

How do you keep yourself motivated and excited in the beginning when gains are so slow?

Any advice that any of you guys can offer will be much appreciated

I enjoy doing this stuff but I don’t want to get carried away and overtrain.

By the way in case anyone is curious here are my demographics: I’m white, 6’1” tall, 165lbs, born and currently reside in the USA, I’m 26 yrs old, self employed, single, never married, no kids, I have a BA in Arts and Humanities and I’m Christian (I try to be at least) Nowhere is it written thou shalt not have a long schlong!!!

Thanks again,


Hey wantingmore,

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first post.
When I first started 9 months ago, I also followed the instructions religiously for a while.Then after reading other peoples routines and experiences I cahnged and modified my routine several times, adding exercises, shortening the sessions etc. I am currently doing only 15 min jelqing sessions 6 days a week, alternating with Uli’s and jelq squeezes. I feel I coud be doing more though.
I am not going to recommend a specific routine for you. The 10 min stretching +15 min jelqing you suggested sound ok to try for a while. The key is experimenting with the different variations of workout and see what feels right and benefitial. Listen to your body and don’t hesitate to change your routine again and again. Everyone is different and resopnds differently to pe, so you’ll have to find what works best for you and stick with it.
Your initial gains are encouraging, with patience more will come. For motivation read the forums, there’s nothing like first hand experiences of others to keep you motivated. Consider yourself lucky to have discovered pe at the age of 26 - less time to feel small and more time to gain and enjoy the benefits of pe.

Sorry I can’t comment on the power jelq - you better hear about it from someone who tried it.

Wish you luck,

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Have you seen any results yet ?

Last week I’ve started a routine for the next three months of squeeze/ulis for 15 minutes, sun-thur, plus 2-3 15 minutes of hanging per week. Do you do any stretching at all ?



Thanks for the reply and the advice man. On the subject of changing routines, do you recommend a specific time period for staying with a new program when you change to a new program? -Wantingmore

Wantingmore… let me get this straight… you are JUST starting your 4th week? IOW, you have only been PEing for 3 weeks and you have went from 5 1/8 to 5 5/16 for a gain of 3/16s in only 3 weeks and a 1/8 gain in girth. That doesn’t sound slow at all. Sounds like a 1/4 inch per month. Not bad at all. Thats an inch in 4 months at that pace. Many would kill for that.

Good luck.

it was said we all want to walk before we crawl. Patience! Living x # of years with a small schlong, what is a few more weeks or months? Time will tell, glad it is working for you. TT


In about 5 months I went from 5.5 BPEL to 6.5 BPEL and from 5.25 EG to 5.5 EG, flaccid lenght which was REALLY small became double or sometimes even triple in lenght, it’s actually hanging instead of pointing. Since then I’ve plateaued, didn’t measure lately though.
I do a few stretches before jelqing just enough to get semierect. I realize now I’m not doing enough and will increase the stretching time to 10 min.


Peing over time can get monotonous and boring. I’d say stick to one routine as long as you feel “interested” (listent to your dick, it will tell you…) When you feel bored, it’s time to add/change something. IMO one should stick to one routine at least a few week or a couple of months, otherwise it would be impossible to estimate how benefitial it is. If it feels good and you see gains, stick to it; otherwise change it.
And one last thing: don’t overtrain ! if your unit feels worn out, take a few days off, there’s no point in stressing it “to death”, give it a break , it will not hinder your gains, but on the contrarry,will make them come quicker.

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I thought I’d put up a quick post welcoming you aboard. This message board is very inspirational and encouraging. You’ve have experienced some pretty good growth so far and I wish you continued success. I’m Christian also and have debated the issue of PEing for the entire two years I’ve been doing it. I have come to the conclusion that if I don’t let it get in the way of my relationship with God then it’s ok. (How’s that for justification)?

Anyways, your routine looks good. Be diligent and you should see growth. By the way, I sent you a private message that included my email address. Write to me if you want. It would be neat to hear from a fellow Christian PEer. Take care.



Hey Guys

Thanks a million for all of the input and advice. I’m now three days into my shorter routine and the measurements that I posted the other day are still there. My workout now takes about 30 min total. 10 min of streching and 15 of jelquing. I begin with a 5 min hot compress and end with a shower.

This workout is far less psychologically demanding than th 1hr 5min that I was doing. This new workout doesn’t consume my whole evening.

The change in appearance of my penis is also inspiring too. It just looks healthier and stronger in both the flaccid and erect states. Also it seems like I can “feel” it throughout the day.

So the moral of the story here is design your workout so that you actually look forward to it and one that leaves you feeling revitalized afterward. In between workouts enjoy the fact that your making progress in this “secret” area of your life, whether the progress be in length, girth, appearance, or just the way it feels.

I’m into my fourth week now and I feel as though this a life long activity, I’m sold. I’ll keep you guys posted. Later- Wantingmore

Glad to help. Time will be on your side. Rome was built in a day and neither will your dick! So use your time wisely and all will cum so to speak. TT


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