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I'm Lost

I'm Lost

So I have been doing the same routine for several months now and I have taken a 2 week decon break about 4 weeks ago then PEed for another week then took another week off. During my first decon break my dick stayed big and then when I started PEing again it got huge. But when I took the next week off it shrunk to a small size compared to it’s normal size. When I started PEing again it went right back to it big size but now it seems that it won’t grow any larger. After I’m done PEing it’s just a little thicker and not much longer. But by the end of the day it goes back to normal instead of staying plump. I have read in other places that guys will reach a elastic ceiling before it become more permanent and that it’s good to finally reach that ceiling because it means that you will truly be gaining after that. Is this true? Do I need to change my routine or decon more or what? I just feel like I’m PEing for nothing at this point.

Just a guess, but when you started again after two weeks you may have worked too hard.

My only suggestion is to read the progress report of Kevin12 to see if anything that he did rings a bell in your own experience.

I am being more and more surprised how well backing off the intensity works for some people.

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Originally Posted by otis bruno
So I have been doing the same routine for several months now

This may be your problem. Your body has probably just adapted.
Try mixing it up with something totally different than what you are doing.

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So I have been doing the same routine for several months now
Do I need to change my routine or decon more or what?

Yes you need to change something. I agree with Iguana, You can’t expect changes when your doing essentially the same thing. You might go for a light shock routine. Increase your stress by 20% and see if that doesn’t break the bonds. Then go back to your routine again and see if that doesn’t shake things loose.
Of course your talking to an old hanger here, but that’s what I do when I see progress slow down. Momentarily apply greater stress, then back to the old weights. I’ve been doin that for a long time.

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I do not know what it is but this type of post is fairly common, you want us to believe your 7.7 x 5.5 and your moaning about something that does not make much sense. You have know clue and you do not need any more size….you are just a pretender… How ridiculous, I do not know what to say.

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