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Im gaining girth!!

Im gaining girth!!

As a lurker for awhile I guess Ill post since Im seeing progress. Ive been jelqing for over a month and the last three weeks Ive added this which is definetly having a girth affect, i figured since Im gonna PC flex also make it work for girth, does anybody else use this technique?

I get a pretty good blood flow so that my dick is kinda heavy and OK the base then with every pc flex I squeeze and hold the blood in for 2-3 secs before doing it again never letting the blood escape with each flex. I do this for 15 straight minutes, rest a bit then go another 15. It feels as though my dick is gonna bust at the seams but its delivering results and I have minimal red spotting when finished. During this my semi erect girtrh will hold at around 5.5 in. I include this in with my regular 30 minute jelq session.

Started @
6.25 Length
4.5 Girth

Now @ after slightly over a month
6.25 Length
4.75 Girth (visibly noticeable)

Girth (atleast 5.5) is what I really want but Ill take any length gains that come with it.


Great gain!! after you kegal and grab the base take the other hand and do squeezes on your shaft just be carefull it’s not a newbie exercise you have to be almost fully erect for this exercise which makes even more dangerous. If you start doing these you might need to take more rest time. Just be carefull you can really blow out an “O” ring with these


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