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I'm close to giving up...


Ok well I have been thinking and have came to the conclusion to give manual pe one more shot. What do you guys think about jelqing in the morning and at night while doing stretches all throughout the day? Is this a good idea? I was thinking 150 in the morning, 150 at night or maybe 200 in the morning and 200 at night. What are the signs of overtraining? Anyone gain from doing something like this?

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ejaculation sure has effect on my PE-ing… If i have two orgasm, or maybe on really strong the morning on the day i tend to PE, i have a very hard time doing my routine. It can get extremly fatigued depending on the intense of the orgasm. Sometimes i can’t even do manual streching, because the cells feel… well, fatigued. If this does not affect growth, i’ll be very suprised.

But i’m sure it’s very individually. But for me, it just feels really stupid to orgasm excessively. Too bad as i must masturbate in order to not have an erection thorough the day….


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