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I'm bleeding :(

I'm bleeding :(

Had two good stretch sessions today (blasters, a and v stretches) and went to do a quick pull after taking a leak and BLOOD started seeping out of my hole! Dear god, is this common? Nothing hurts as far as I can tell; did I burst my urethra or something? This is probably not a vein pop because I haven’t jelqued or squeezed in a week.

advice please!

Don’t know what you did - something overly enthusiastic - but lay off everything for a day or two; let it heal. So long as your erectile function, urinary functions are not impared, probably no problem. Others have reported blood seeping from the meatus. It clears up.

But whatever you did, don’t do it again that way. Ease up on yourself. I swear, some of you newbies are really into self-abuse. This (PE) is supposed to be fun.



This has happened to me a few times. For me, it only happenes when I am on a cycle of steroids(mainly winstrol tabs) I really do not know why it happens on juice. i do not ever have any pain at all.

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Check the very end of the urethra on bottom and see if there is a tiny cut. Almost like a paper cut.

This might or might not happen every so often when creating great blood pressure in the head. I found it to be a symptom of head size increase.



this has happened to me to. Take a break let it heal. I tried to PE through it and it got worse. It only bleeds for me when I stretch hard. To much pressure on my head. Blood comes from tip of my pee hole. It sucks do a search on it.

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thanks for relieving my fears, guys. I guess it was no biggie after all, but man, its quite a shock to see blood coming from your cock.


I bleed if I do bends. I can do squeezes ok if I don’t get too carried away.

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