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Im at the three month mark, can I?

Im at the three month mark, can I?

Well, I am at the three month mark doing the newbie routine. I have gained about a half an inch in length thus far. Now I am thinking about increasing my stretching routine.

Here is my current routine: 3 days on, one off, then three on and two off. Three sets of stretches in each direction. 1st set 15 seconds, 2nd set 30 seconds, 3rd set 45 seconds. Then 150 jelqs each session.

My question is can I double my stretching routine and do a whole session in the morning and one at night? Would there be any negatives, or should I just stick with what I have been doing? My gains have started to slow down. Thanks for every ones help!

Congratulations, dlm4, you’ve probably just experienced the “Newbie Pop”. :thumbs:

I say stick with what you’ve been doing for a few months to cement your gains. It would be a shame to lose them from overtraining.


I agree with GM, you don’t want to overwork your penis and then have to take a break due to injury, because you’ll just end up loosing your gains and all your hard work would have been for nothing.

I know everyone’s looking for the fastest gains possible, but the truth is, they hardly ever come quick. Try sticking with the Newbie Routine until you don’t gain anymore, or until gains really slow down, then you could consider switching it up a little.

Happy PEing, and don’t over do it.

19th Feb 2012

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Hey guys thank you for your advice. Maybe I should/could just add another set in? Like one more at 60 seconds? That way I wouldnt be completely over doing it, but yet still increasing. What would you think of that?

IMO It’s your unit and you can do whatever you feel comfortable doing. But I think the overall consensus of the community is if you're gaining with the newbie routine then stick with it until the gains stop. Then consider augmenting your routine.

What’s the point of doing more work than you need to?

Ok, I admit it! I am impatient! Lol! I think you are right. I will just do what I have been doing until my gains stop. I have been very patient so far and it has been working, so I should be very grateful rather than want more, faster. There are people on here that have had a very hard time gaining or cant gain at all.

Where is the heat? Warm that cock up before you begin anything. Oh oh! Here comes Firegoat, gonna get ya for not warming up! Hehehe!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

In two months of doing newbie I gained a bit over a 1/4 length. My plan is to stick with newbie routine for at least 6 months. Don’t want to injure myself.. What’s good out of it. But do whatever you feel comfy dude. As long as you don’t feel the pain, just stretching, it’s good.. Be careful. Cheers!

I think kingpole makes the best point. Instead of adding to your workout, take the time you would have invested and use it to thoroughly warm your penis before and during your workout.

If you are willing, it would be worth searching the forums. For example:

Benefits of Heat in PE


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I forgot to mention heat in my workout. I actually use heat ALOT. I use a heating pad for about 5 to 10 minutes before my stretches. Then after my first two sets I heat again and then do my last set of stretches. Then I heat again for about 5 minutes before I do my jelqs. And then I heat again for my warm down. Learned this from Kingpole and Fire Goat. Thanks Guys! I tend to agree that heat is very important.

Another suggestion might be to do something different for a week with the exercises you have been doing. Like do two days of 150% of the jelqs and then lay off for 3 days. Or just stretch for a week. Maybe do 1/2 the workout on the same schedule for a week.

Just some ideas that don’t include the risk of over training.

Then go back to what has been working and gain some more!

Great gains by the way!

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Go ahead sir.

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Don’t change a thing. Your routine is working. Don’t mess with it.

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