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I'm Addicted!!!

I'm Addicted!!!

Much like SamPEman, I also began PE right at the first of Feb, may a couple of days before. I lurked on the site for quite a while just learning some of the terminology and checking out some of the different exercises. One of the first things I read was about how bad smoking was for you and for PE reasons. Well this was the last straw for me. I had been trying to quit smoking for quite a while and now I had a real reason (not that lung cancer or something shouldn’t have been reason enough, but the idea of a bigger dick pushed me over the edge). So now I have a new addiction and a much healthier one too. Since starting Pe just over a month ago I have gone from 6.25 EBPL to (as of this AM) 7” EBPL. I am absolutely thrilled. I don’t have an absolute goal. * would be great, I even like the way that sounds. Haven’t checked my girth today but it went up like .25” in only a couple of weeks but after reading a thread, from Bib I think, I am going to try to concentrate on length as I am fairly content with girth (5.75”), but may try to add later as it seems it may be easier to add length to something of smaller girth. I could wait to measure this AM because all weekend I just kept thinking “Man it looks alot bigger” especially the flaccid hang. A quick story, Saturday I was getting out of the shower and I had been doing a little jelqing, nothing intense as the wife was roaming around the house and she doesn’t know about my PE’ing yet. Anyway I got out and was drying off and she came into the bathroom and started talking to me. I moved the towel and was drying my legs and she saw it. She stopped talking and I almost lauged, well I guess I did a little. She just said, “I totally lost my train of thought”. I don’t know if she suspects anything yet but I have never seen her look at it like that before. Thanks again to everyone for the info and encouragement.

Welcome aboard! Glad to hear of your early sucess/happyness with PE and of course, our significant other’s noticing changes is always motivating! Now, go forth! Prosper!

Thanks SWM

Not sure what to contribute the success to though. I have no routine at all. Just trying a little bit of everything but lately just lots of manual stretches, DLD Blasters, and fowfers. On a side note, was eating out at a restaurant Saturday and had to go to the little boys room. There was only on urinal open with other being used, It was the first time I think I can remember ever going up to a urinal with someone using one beside me and not feeling too self-conscience about myself.

Damn those are quick gains, man. How many days a week do you PE?

Congrads Long!


Congrads on the accomplishment! Giveme a tip and tell me how you’ve quit the smoking? Cold turkey, or what?

I try to do SOMETHING everyday. Like I said, it has really just mainly been manual stretches: up’ down ’ left’ right’ (mainly down), DLD Blasters and some jelking. I probably never get more than 15 minutes at a time to myself a day, but I try to do as much pulling as I can when I can. Its very sporadic.

Re: Congrads Long!

Originally posted by ugabooga

Congrads on the accomplishment! Giveme a tip and tell me how you've quit the smoking? Cold turkey, or what?

Yep, Cold turkey, after almost 10 years. I had cut down to only 6 or so a day but I still wanted one everyday. I had kept telling myself, this is the last one for months, then when I started reading more and more about PE and decided that this was something I really wanted to do, I finally said “that’s it”. Honestly, after about 4 days without one it wasn’t that bad. For me I think it was more psychological, and I had to break the habit mentally (like every time I would get in the car, I thought I needed one). Its been about a month now and I hardly ever even think about it. Sometimes actually seeing someone smoking makes me want one but not as bad as I want a bigger dick and better overall health. I had quit once before for about 8 months using the gum, Nicorette or whatever. It tastes like hell though. Only chewed it for about two days then went to regular gum till I got over the oral fixation. Good luck to you. Hope I’ve been some help. Just think a bigger dick and happier lungs or same old dick that we want eve get to use for long because we’ll die of lung cancer. —-I’m going with the bigger dick and happier lungs.


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