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I was just looking over the stats of peoples gains over time and most people that had been jelqing for a year have made some considerable gains.

Whats pissing me off is, I’ve known about PE and jelqing for a year but only started properly 2months ago.

Just thinking about all those gains I could of made is making me madd!! aaaargh

- Has anyone else known about jelqing for a while but only just started?


I’ve jelked very sporadically over the 4 months I’ve been PE’ing.

Half inch length gain…very little girth gain.

Jelking makes my penis so sore it is hard to have sex later…

after a session. So I always Want to be ready for sex so I

don’t give it the attention it probably deserves…I also have a hard time maintaining an erection while jelking for any length of time. I squeeze very hard and it seems to squeeze the sensation

or excitement out of my penis…plus it can be boring to me. I have tried visualizations to help but can’t maintain 60% erect(whatever that is) for any length of time. Manual stretching, squeezes, and kegels have been my main routine with only

occasional jelking…maybe some vets can address if your penis gets used to the jelking and the soreness I experience will subside or at least decrease.


Give your crank a yank and a spank

every now and then and watch what happens

tooooo much pressure

Pure and simple, that’s too much. It should never hurt like that, my man.

Also, what type of schedule of training/rest are you running?

You have one of two things going on, if not both:

Too much pressure (too intense and possibly too long) -OR- not enough rest built into your schedule so you are OVERTRAINING

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