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I'll fund your PE research


Originally Posted by Ike
All studies will be published and subject to peer review.

Impossible conjunction there, Ike ;)

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I posted some of my thoughts on a simple efficacy study here and here.

Beyond a demonstration of PE’s efficacy — to pique other researchers’ interest, so that we needn’t bear the full PE-research funding burden :D — more theoretically grounded studies such as Penismith’s would be useful.

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Originally Posted by Ike
But, you couldn’t control for what they did on their own. Men are so interested in getting their dicks big that if they found out a research institution was actually studying the viability of some technique, they’d figure out some way to hang things off their penises outside of the research context.

Good point. The same problem plagues plenty of clinical research on lifestyle modifications (e.g., diet, exercising). At some point you just need to rely on the honesty of subjects’ self-reports. (Emphasize at the end of the study that it’s very important they indicate how much “outside” PE they did, and that their payments will not be contingent on admitting such…)

Originally Posted by Ike
I also can’t figure out how to have a control group. If you were testing supplements, you could give one group a placebo. But for testing PE techniques, men are fairly well aware whether they do or do not have 10 pounds hanging off their dicks, or a pump vaccumed to 6 hg.

Not a concern, in my opinion. No investigator will dispute your results by claiming that dick growth was a placebo effect, originating in the subjects’ expectations and hopes; invoking mentally induced penis enlargement as an alternative explanation for results would sound even more outlandish than manually induced PE itself! Nonetheless a randomly assigned control group is important to exclude the possibility of selection bias (i.e., choosing as your subjects total weirdos whose dicks happened to grow at age 40) and to exclude the possibility that motivated doctors’ measuring techniques simply “improved” over time, as ours often do. (Measuring docs would, of course, be blind to the subjects’ conditions.)

Originally Posted by Ike
They’d come in to get their flaccid stretched length measured every week by some penimaster looking thing that provided a consistent stretch from week to week. I can’t yet think of a way to get a halfway scientifically viable measurement of girth.

Why not just inject their dicks with prostaglandin? You needn’t have frequent erect measurements.

Originally Posted by Ike
(I look forward to the news stories when some legislator finds out UCLA bought 10 of those, even if their doing it with my lottery money.)


Originally Posted by Ike
Participants would also be interviewed to evaluate qualitative differences in libido, erection strength and stamina, and general sexual satisfaction.

Great idea. So long as the study succeeds in documenting surprising (to the general medical community!) physical gains, improvements in subjective assessments would probably also be taken seriously.

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Well, are you trying to validate npe, or just trying to determine what works best? If you just want to get better techniques I would fund research into ligament stretching in general. It seems like even physical therapists can’t agree on the best way to stretch a lig/tendon.

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Thanks, PG. I needed someone to weigh in with some knowledge of study design. I didn’t know about prostaglandin. That sounds like the stuff to use.

Tube, that’s a good question. For mainstream audiences, research could simply validate PE, but, ya know, fuck mainstream audiences. I’d rather go straight to what works. So yeah, research into lig stretching.

A few other questions I’d like researched:

Is the LOT theory valid?

What really makes a longer erection as the result of stretching or hanging — lengthing of tunica, or ligs?

So, when we PE, are cells dividing or expanding?

What makes more girth? What is actually happening to the tunica, septum and spongy stuff?

Can jelqing alone really increase length and/or girth?

Does an ADS work? Which types work best?

Does traction wrapping work? If so, why?

Is there a benefit to combining stretching or hanging with an ADS or with traction wrapping?

What is the benefit of warmth for length or girth work? Is there an optimal temperature, length of time, source?

Can cold help too?

Can pumping alone increase girth over time, or must some additional method such as jelqing and/or squeezing also be employed?

What is the optimal method, or combination of methods, for increasing length or girth?

That’s enough for now. Time to start the charcoal.

I’ve got a great idea for a penis enlargement pill, or possibly even a patch! Do I get the money?

Originally Posted by motivated

I’ve got a great idea for a penis enlargement pill, or possibly even a patch! Do I get the money?

Nope. The review team will need a little more information than that. If it is promising enough, I’ve also created Thunder Venture Capital Partners with a portion of my lottery proceeds, so you might get some start up money.


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