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If you squeeze your glans

If you squeeze your glans

Hi guys,

Sorry for asking this but it worries me.
Please try and let me know:
You need to get fully erect. Take your glans with two fingers and squeeze slowly (lets say 3 or 4 seconds).
Can you squeeze the blood out of glans?
Do you actually feel blood streaming out of glans through the shaft backwards?

I am asking this because I can do this and I think it is not normal.
I guess I got the venous leakage in corpus spongiosum.
I cannot squeeze blood out of corpora cavernosa though.

I think healthy penis when fully erect should not let to squeeze blood out of the glans.
Also I noticed that when I loose erection a bit my glans and corpus spongiosum loose firmnes first and looks quite empty while corpora
cavernosa are still full of blood and hard. I havent seen this so clearly before. This half empty penis looks actually funny but
there is not much fun indeed because I guess my venous leakage is progressing.

I will appreciate if anyone could try this and comment here or PM me.



thanks slackjawedyokel,

now I am pretty sure I have a venous leakage.

I guess I should stop PEing.

You do not have venous leakage if you can maintain an erection and your corpora cavernosa are firm. The physiology of an erection is explained on this page. Note the illustrations. As the penis becomes erect and the erectile chambers (CC) become filled, they press on the veins that drain the CC and prevent blood from escaping, thus maintaining the erection. This applies only the CC that are surrounded by a resistant tunica. These are the veins involved in “venous leakage.” You don’t have that.

The corpus spongiosum does not have a tunica albugenia. It’s soft and spongy. It’s also directly connected with the bulb of the penis (see this image). Blood can flow freely from one end to the other with pressure. Some guys have a tighter passageway than others which can restrict this flow.

When you do the Kegel exercise you contract the muscles that surround the bulb of the penis. As they squeeze it forces blood toward the glans (head). Squeezing the glans manually moves the blood in the opposite direction.

I think you’re overly concerned about something that means very little.

My penis behaves just like yours jelding master. I guess it is nothing to worry about.

Thank you for the links. I understand how it works and I read the article you suggested. Your statement
>This applies only the CC that are surrounded by a resistant tunica. These are the veins involved in “venous leakage.”
is not supported by that article.
Where did you get that information from? I would be interested to read.

Thank you for checking.
It does not worry me too much either. I am just interested to know is it leakage or is it normal.

I can squeeze the blood from the glans also, but the shaft remains hard.

I think it’s normal.

I guess I should have said “This applies mainly the CC…” rather than “only to the CC.” Venous leakage can occur in the glans and CS.

I can also do this and had been able to even before beginning PE.

Venous leakage appears to be the fright of the week.

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