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If you gained an inch or more in girth, please check in

Originally Posted by HammerOfThor
How long does it take to gain an inch in EG? O.o

Everyone is different.

Consistent work will pay dividends.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Checking in. Thanks for this info

A method I found successful.

I have been trying for years to gain length and girth and it is only recently that I have achieved an increase of an inch in length and a decent girth. To achieve this I have used a combination of methods which others may find useful.

Each morning and evening I carry out the following exercise and initially I use a penis pump, but this has to be a pump with a trigger mechanism and not the rubber bulb as the rubber bulb does not give you enough of a vacuum to stretch the penis sufficiently. I also have a gauge on mine so I know what pressure I’ve achieved. I use a lubricant and then pump up until I have a good length, then I leave the pump on until the pressure reduces naturally, you may find the air seeps in reducing the pressure. If the air isn’t released then five minutes is long enough. I then release my penis and at this stage put a restriction ring on to maintain the expansion although the penis does shrink back when you release it from the pump.

I then use coconut oil to lubricate the shaft and grip the testicles with my left hand before jelqing with my right. You start off slowly taking about 2 or 3 seconds to go from the base of the penis to the gland, gripping the penis tightly so you feel the pressure all the way up the shaft. I jelq 100 times in a morning and do the same procedure at night. Over a two month period I have gained an inch and will continue to exercise to see if further gains can be made.

For background information I had surgery to increase the length of the penis and to be honest the result was far from satisfactory and the gain was not worth the cost or the scarring that it left behind.

I have used a penis stretcher but now only use that to try to keep the length gained when flaccid. The method that seems to have worked for me is the pumping followed by the jelqing. Like most people I used to give up when the results didn’t seem to be coming and it was only when I started doing the exercises on a regular basis the gain actually happen. You need to be dedicated in what you are doing and have a goal in mind. And remember it all takes time but don’t give up.

For those with a small penis then I suggest you use the pump to try to increase the girth and then jelq for as long as possible.

As with every procedure you are doing this to add length and girth not cause yourself pain and injury. Coconut milk/oil works extremely well and put plenty on to start the exercising and this will be absorbed as you work it through. By the time you get to around 30 or 40 jelqs the coconut milk has been absorbed enough so that you don’t just slide up and down the shaft but feel the tension especially as you get to the gland. Create an okay sign with your thump and index finger and squeeze to create the pressure before sliding your hand up the shaft.

Ensure you remove the restriction ring at the end as this can be uncomfortable if left on for any length of time.

Should you find yourself getting sore then stop and give yourself a couple of days rest and then start again but more gently. You will find you gain length and girth but, and it is a big but, the penis will shrink a little after an hour or so and it is only when you have completed a couple of days exercising that you will see a gain.

I wish you success.

First Post

Checking in with early big gain or I’m wrong.

Hi thanks for the add also. I have been doing PE for one month. How I got into it is another thread. I have been doing bathmate, jelqs in between, and size genetics comfort system. In the first 15 minutes of bathmate ( I had used air pump couple weeks prior.) I was surprised. We got my wife a toy before the bathmate came close to my size but bigger than I was then and still longer t han an me now. She rolled her eyes when we used it got goose bumps etc. I was interested in the same reaction. I’m 5.75 x 1.5 the toy is 8 x 1.5. After I figured out bathmate in first days use I rolled into our room and dropped towel. She lost it. Immediate worship toy has dust on it. No kidding. I’m over 2 when fresh out the tube. In a month the size fluctuates but it is huge. Now combined with the SG I also have flaccid gains in first month, which I thought was a mistake. Can’t be. I got measured by wide for a cage she wanted to play with here and there. I measured 4 flaccid. I can pull it to 6 without pain. But just sitting around in aroused its 4. Cage fit too. Cage don’t fit now. I get grill Marks lol. My flaccid’d is 5.5 now. Gerth stays at 2 on 1st rest day if I do 2 it goes down to 1.7 or so. She mentioned that it was like flippin banana which has never been me Mentioned 8 years of marriage. I have no size or confidence issue but now I’m plenty happy to get busted naked and not hurry to cover up. I may be wrong or its placebo effect or just unused potential. I have been doing kegels and in tube pull while in hot hot shower.

Love feedback or help. Thanks gentlemen.

Originally Posted by Vurpollon
I started at 4.7, and gained quite a lot from the newbie routine – after four months I measured 5.2 midshaft. Then I added clamping, which I in retrospect sort of regret. I didn’t start gaining again until I gave up clamping and started a light pumping routine, which made me get to 5.7 in three months.

After that, I haven’t seen any real gains for a long time. Lately I have been doing a combined routine with water pumping (Bathmate) and jelqing. I suspect that I’ve pretty much reached my limit (and I’ve gained more than I ever hoped to gain, my initial goal was 7” X 5.5”), but it seems like the Bathmate has helped me to “even out” my girth – my head girth is slowly increasing.

So I would say that pumping and jelqing have been doing it for me. And changing routines.

Hey man I’m a newbie. PE is going great. Its my second week I don’t think so I have yet achieved gains ( I know its too early anyways) only thing my penis feels heavier than before when its on the process of erection . And also is total of 15 mins jelq time ok for newbie on second week? I do ok grip palms up for 10 mins and, 5 mins 1 hand overhand jelq and, throw a minute of v jelq for the sides. And I’m planning to add 5 mins jelq every week for the gradual process till I reach the newbie 30 mins mark over 6 weeks .I would appreciate any advice and help , thank you.


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