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If you could do things differently...

If you could do things differently...

Hello all gainers! I am about to get into some girth work as I am lacking in that department. So, if you could do things differently, like less clamping sessions, duration of sessions, spaced your sessions out over time, used vitamin k cream, or not have pursued girth work at all because of the discoloration or any other side effects, what would you have done?

Also, the main question: If you could restart your PE career with your pre PE penis, what would you do for your routine, including warm-ups, vitamin k cream, duration, schedule, ADS, etc?

I think after a lot of vets and other start answering this, it could be an extremely helpful thread for future PEers.

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I wished I knew about the Vita-K Cream sooner but I still wouldn’t have changed anything with the girth work I have done. If I could do it all over again I would’ve worked on length and girth equally. I gained all my girth and just now have I started stretching because the thicker dick gives the appearance of it being shorter even though it really isn’t. I prolly would’ve bought a Vacuum hanger and doubled that as an ADS and hanger for the length work I want to do. I also wish I had included jelqing a little earlier in my PE career and I am now starting to feel this is part of my routine that will cement all my future gains.

My suggestion to you is warm up using jelqing do your routine, use an ADS and keep Vita-K cream on hand to combat discolouration before it starts

If I could do it all over again, I would start younger. Much, much younger; like pre pubescent young. Of course, that would entail some weird mental development to give me the maturity to deal with doing those exercises and developing a well thought out routine. Also, to have been able to own a good pump at that age would be nice.

Realistically though, taking it back to when I actually did start; I would have been more consistent and focused more on correct technique. Knowing about PI’s and how to utilize breaks would be high on the list also.

Great so far guys. Please I need more vets to chime in here.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Originally Posted by philio1
Great so far guys. Please I need more vets to chime in here.

You know I’ve had good luck with Uli’s and jelq squeezes, but stretch and jelq first before engaging in Uli’s and squeezes. Warm up primes your dick for stretches. Stretches primes your dick for jelqing,Jelqing primes your dick for Uli’s and Squeezes or pumping or hanging or clamping.

Thanks for all your ballooning advice.

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If I could restart, the thing that I would do differently would be more consistent. No 4-months of no PE. Definately. I think I would be bigger if I had done that.

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I wonder where I would be if I had not taken a year off from PE.

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Just plain out more consistency, and I would have started years ago when I first found out about PE.

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I wish I had kept a better record of my routine viz. my progress. It’s a pain in the ass, but having your workout history documented does make it easier to figure out what works for you, personally.

I would have started O-bends a while ago and would have kept on stretching.Had I kept it up since I started last year, I’d probably be at 8.5 x 6.5, my goal.

Working on it.


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