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If I could do it all over again.what would I do?


If I could do it all over again.what would I do?

ok this is probably for the vets, ok..

lets say you know everything you know now about PE..

and you could start all over again..

what would you do different to make faster gains..and why?

If I knew 2 years ago what I know in regards to PE…I’d hop in my DeLorean ….LOL build myself a home made BIB…get the length I wanted….then stop all length work and focus on girth exercises.

I probably would have taken a break (week or so) every 3 months. Also would have done some v-stretches and some squeezes around the 6th month.

Non-workout related, I would have taken before pics. :( Dammit I regret that the most.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Not for faster gains, but for fewer side effects, I would have taken it easier (less vascular pressure during jelqs, less time per session, less pressure on the head when hanging). For greater gains, I would have started in adolescence.

Non-workout-related, I would have gotten out of the Nasdaq earlier.

I would not have wasted time with manually stretching. I did nothing for me and was a waste of countless hours. I would have jelqed less and ulied more. In other words I would have reduced the manual stretching to a minimum and jelqed only for circulation and less time (not 30 minutes a day). Then advanced right to hanging and ulies. I would have started with the manual ulies and then advance to extreme ulies with the wrap or uli thing. The internal pressure has been more sucessful than just jelqing.


Hey Dance...

Did you start-out with manual stretching?
And if so, can you possibly contribute that initial manual stretching to toughening up your ligs, thus sabotaging your chance of being able to obtain any sigificant length gains?

Just wondering if that was your learning curve in the sense of your stand on toughened ligs (light weights and long periods).

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.


I would have started a long time ago, instead of in my 30’s.
Shit if I started 10 years ago I could have had a python in my pants by now.


Hey Dance what’s a “ULIE”

Check out the main page of this place. Scroll down to “Archives” and read Ulistretch’s post. Thats where the “Uli” exercises came from.

I think I would have upped my personal PE gain goal. So much of this, I’ve learned, is self-motivated and the gains self-inspired from a mental point of view. That is not to discount the mega-hours of work.



hi all,

1- I wouldn’t buy BIB, and NEVER done hanging.
2- would do less.
3- don’t think about the result(why should i?).
4- think more about what i did in place of arguing.
5- listen more to my body.
6- drink more water a day.
7- sleep more (6 a 8 hours a day).
8- have less stress.
9- don’t bother if will grow. woman look at my personality and not at my unit.
10- spend less time to read more.
11- how less i do how more i get.
12- see pe like a training not like an exam.

13- and do the best routine:
a- hot wrap before and after ( 5 a 10 mins for each).
b- extenders (5 a 10 mins).
c- 10 mins jelq (2 a 3 sec per strock) not hard.

that’s all.
thank you brothers. (:)


personally i would buy a pay site membership to Big Al’s and seen the exercises preformed correctly. The started much earlier than basically 8 months of constant lurking and learning. I would have gotten a power-jelq earlier and definitly a bib hanger. And finally i would invest in any therabrand business!

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. I haven’t started my program yet; I have been reading up and want to learn as much as possible before starting. I thought this was a great thread and just wanted to see if any more vets wanted to chime in. By the way, I really want to thank all those who contribute to this forum, you guys are really doing a great service.

I would have started at 18 instead of 43. I would have done more stretching in the beginning and gotten what I could out of that before maxing out on jelqing.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I would have used the knowledge I had to do just a little bit of PE regularly, two years ago or so when I was definatlely still growing. That would have been great! And then it might help add numbers to the question of whether PE while growing is harmful or not.

What luvdadus said:

I would have started at 18 instead of 43. I would have done more stretching in the beginning and gotten what I could out of that before maxing out on jelqing.

Is very encouraging to me, as I am 18 and going with pretty much all that he is saying. Thanks for that unintended boost luvdadus!


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