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Ideas for an optimized routine

Ideas for an optimized routine

I’ve suffered about all the size loss I can stomach, so I’ve finally decided to get back into it. I’ve managed to map out some blocks of time, as the kids are back in school & I’m on a pretty good schedule at work now.

I’m willing to put in the time, but I want to optimize the results. I’m thinking of actually beginning on Monday, Oct. 5th - that will give me enough time to finalize my routine & pick up some needed supplies (lube, talc, etc.), as I don’t want any excuses to get in the way once I begin.

I’ve been thinking alot about the enlargement paradigm, as well as the routine of that old school pal. I want to employ a version of what he did (daily workouts, gradually ascending volume - and without xtreme techniques).

I also want to employ the shaft-over-the-jar stretch that memento advocates (as well as the squeezes every so many jelqs); and plenty of dual-fulcrum stretches.

I’m also thinking about the importance of damp heat - and not just as a token warmup, but actually integrating damp heat throughout the workout (at least 3 times or so).

Also, considering the dual-layer design of the tunica, as well as the different patterns of fibers in each layer, I’m wondering if bundled stretches (in conjunction with damp heat) might be worth a rethinking [some have thought them rather dangerous; I never actually used them].

I know others have researched temperature & tissue creep, etc. As well as stresses required to deform tissues. I’ve also noticed that Kingpole posted about “erect kegel jelqs.” I’ve never really favored erect work, but those might be worth a try - using only very moderate force - and only for vets who’ve really conditioned their units.

Any ideas out there? Heating tips? Temps? Any stretching tips?

As my presumed workout now looks, I want to use 3 progressive phases. If it goes as planned, that should take me at least 1 year to complete. I just hope I can stick with it. That will be damn tough, considering how long I’ve been away from PE. I will, however, begin as a newbie…and build up very slowly.


Can’t wait to see how you go Wad, should be very interesting.

I’m not aware of any of people who’ve lost as much as you have starting up again, I wonder if that will have an influence on how you gain the second time round, after such a long break.

I’m curious now. How much did you lose?

01/03/2009- NBPEL:5.1; EG:4.6.

01/05/2010- NBPEL:6.1; EG:4.7.

Long Term Goal- NBPEL: 7.0; EG:5.5

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