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Ideal penis size for women

Originally Posted by Wamrage
Wait so hanging and streching didn’t yield any lenght?
How thick are you btw mate?

I have gained a total of about 1.5” in length. Most of that was with Kegels, basic stretching, and jelqing at probably about 60% erection level, on average. After gaining about an inch in length, gains slowed, so I started hanging and doing a lot more stretching and most of the jelqing I now do is at low erection levels. In other words, for about a year I have been targeting length, but have gained very little (maybe 1/8” over the last 6 months).

Initially, I gained little girth while gaining about an inch of length, then girth gains started. The girth gains have continued at about the same pace over the last year and a half and seem to be slow but steady. Currently I am about 5.5” in circumference at the glans, around 5.75” through most of the shaft, but I flare out to just over 6.25” at the base. My wife can get the glans and a bit of the shaft past her teeth, but I do get some tooth scrapes occasionally. Her vagina is now quite pleasantly snug (more or less like it felt before she had 2 kids) and I have to take 30 seconds or so, and exercise a little caution when penetrating her. I suspect I could gain a little more girth without causing too much trouble, but I can foresee real difficulties if I get up to over 6” of shaft girth, or more.

I would kind of like to gain another .5-.75” of length. My wife is fairly deep, and with around 7.5” of “insertable” length I just barely touch bottom in her with maximal penetration and she makes pleasant noises when I do. But I wouldn’t want to gain more than another .25” of girth maximally. The way things are going, I doubt I will be able to do that.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Originally Posted by Krowax
I want to hear ideal sizes. There are just too many of them, I dunno who to listen do.

I read a poll or statistics or something somewhere that said the largest majority of women preferred 7” X 5.5” as the ideal size. I don’t remember where, though. That sounds about right. With average being 5.5” to 6” long and 4.5” to 5” around, 7” and 5.5” is bigger than average but not painfully so. I know that, at 7.5”, I hit the cervix on most of the chicks I’ve been with and most of those chicks find that uncomfortable, so I wasn’t truly able to use all of my length unless I was very careful. So that ideal size makes sense to me.

Seven inches of insertable length is going to be enough to please the vast majority of women out there, allow for most positions to be in play and permits nice long strokes, yet is going to be too long for only a relatively small percentage of women.

Five and a half inches of circumference is well above average, will not be considered “skinny” by any woman who has any real sexual experience, and will be too thick for only a small percentage of females.

After doing Pe for a few weeks and thinking about it 7.5 x 5.5\6 sounds about right this whole 8x6 fever is too much man.

FYI Guys,

I read a recent craigslist posting about a pornstar that was going to be in town (chicago) with her boyfriend over the weekend. They wanted to do a threesome and the girl had these requirements for the guy:

-Please be between 18 and 50
-Please be in decent shape
-Please be at least 7 inches long.

And that was coming from a pornstar.

FYI part II

I saw a clip of the new Millionaire Matchmaker and the upcoming episode shows a millionairess explaining what she’s looking for to the owner, Patti.

Patti: “So what are you looking for in a guy?”

Millionairess: “A big penis.”

So that airs Tuesday (tomorrow) at 9/8c. I’m going to tune in to see if she gives a size number. Yes, I am that obsessed. Yeah, I know that’s stupid. Yeah, I know a few of you might be curious too.


When she said, “you feel amazing.” I was thinking, “well you feel loose as shit!”

So i guess the comment just caused suspicion.

Not a big gamble to say I might be a touch insecure about my size. After all, where is this conversation taking place?

Sounds interesting… maybe I’ll download that show, lol.

Anyway ya I know… just saying I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the comment… it was still a compliment.

I’m more ridiculous than you… I’m like 6.5” EG mid-shaft and still insecure sometimes, lol.


I can’t WAIT to be insecure at 6.5 mid-shaft!


Originally Posted by Mick

I’m more ridiculous than you.. I’m like 6.5” EG mid-shaft and still insecure sometimes, lol.

How can you even get a proper blowjob with that thing?

Originally Posted by Wamrage
How can you even get a proper blowjob with that thing?

Not sure… but I do. I find it odd that many people smaller in girth that me complain about sex and blowjobs, cause I’ve never had a problem with either. Sure I don’t get deep throated, but it still feels damn good to me.

Once in a while a bj is very slightly teethy, but usually it’s not. Look at porn with say Jack Napier getting a bj. I don’t know his girth, but looks to me like at least 6.5”, and all girls can get their mouths around at least his head.

If it started getting to the point where I couldn’t get bj’s then I’d stop cause fuck they feel good.

Originally Posted by vagabund

I can’t WAIT to be insecure at 6.5 mid-shaft!


Lol… someday :P.


What if you could lose 1/4” of girth and they all of a sudden can get 4” more into their mouth? Would that be worth it?

Definitely not… I love blowjobs enough as it is.

If a woman knows how to give a good bj it’s enough to just have stimulation around the head… for me at least. She can still use her hands on the rest of the shaft and balls and it feels amazing.

That’s just me though… someone else might feel different.


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