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Ideal Length

Ideal Length

I have noticed that alot of people have an overall goal of 8X6. I was wondering if this is 8 inches in bone pressed length. I would think that this would be more like 7 inches in a modest measurement. My mother said that no girl would go around me with an 8 inch dick. What do you guys think. My dick has always looked small to me and it may continue that way until it is like 10 inches long, so I have to go what others say.

Wow man, you have talked to your mother about it! You must have a very open relationship. Be aware that a mother would say or do anything to make her son feal confident.

I hate the fact that size matters! Even if I get to be 8 by 6, I will always know that if it was small, many women would’nt want to get into a loving relationship with me. There would be nothing worse than loving a women, that was only willing to get into a loving relationship with you because you had a big penis. You would never be recieving unconditional love.

Anyway, apparently, if you averaged it out, the size wanted by women would be 7.5-8 by 5.75-6.25. Non bone pressed.

Why the hell did nature not create men and women to have the sizes that fit best. Why were men not created with the average size of 7.5, if thats what the average women was created to want. Or the average women created to want what the average man was given. ie. 6 inches.

Either way, size matters and its a crying shame that some men are so depressed about it, that they comit suiside.

I think the guys want 8by6 non bone pressed, but lets hear what they have to say.

I’d be happy with 8x6” bone pressed. But really, it’s the girth I want the most (like most of us). I would hate to have too much length, and since I tend to be attracted to petite girls, I’m a little concerned that they might not be able to take 8” NBPEL.

Ideal length...

Well I’m 7.5 BPEL (6.5NBPEL) x 5.75 and I still feel that it looks “short”. Probably because of the girth, but it just looks short to me……So I’m trying for 8” NBPEL.

Hi there!

Right now I’m 8.3” x 6” BP. With the current bodyfat % that I have I have a visual size of only 7” in length (right now my diference between BP an NBP is 1.3” and it used to be 1.5”, the dieting seems to be working). Of course I’m not the least pleased with this, and this has been one of the reasons for my lack of effort in PE for the last months. My short-term goal is 8” x 6.5” NBP. For that, and keeping the bodyfat that I have now I’d have to be 9.3” BP. And with the rate that I’ve grown when I PE’d, I’d have to wait one full year of PE efforts. And this is what I’m going to do. I’ve ordered the Bib Hanger and will start with it this month. I won’t have the chance to do 4-5 sessions per week, but I’ll try to do at least one High Intensity session per week. I’ll keep you posted.

As for the girls wanting what we don’t have. That’s life. The Human species always wants what is not there. If we’d be born with a 7 or 8” dick, the girls would desire a 9-10” dick. Even if it wasn’t practical, just for the desire of it. That’s why my long term goal is 10” x 6.5”. But I’ll be happy if I only get my short-term goal :)

Bottom line is, at least for me, that I’m not doing this only to please the women I’m with, I’m doing PE for me also. So I’ll have to mantain my efforts if I want to reach my goals. Otherwise I’ve failed with my conciousness and with my desires.

your last paragraph was well said uishrike.. that’s why im here, not only for the ladies but largely to fulfill my own personal goals and desires…

i think anyone who doesn’t exactly know WHY they’re doing these things should really try and evaluate the reason for it…


Hi guys

I think you all got it right,we all think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence,and we all often desire what we cannot have.Thus most men want to be well built, well hung studs and women what to be a sex goddess with said stud.I am over 50 now and had more than a few sexual partners and never had any complaints about my then 5.5 NBPL dick.But once I saw these programs Inew it was for me.I have now gained 1 1/4” to be 6 3/4 NBPL.My next goal is 7” visible.But I will keep on till I top out.The great thing about a longer penis is that it gives more confidence with sex and results in much more fun and enjoyment for both.I wish PE programs had been around when I was 20 ,I could have had an extra 30yrs of enhanced fun.Keep going guys ,its worth it!


Great posts guys, I agree with the first post and I think it was very well put. Women are more superfical then guys when it comes down to it. There is no unconditional love if it interferes with lust. If its there then the women feels she is settling. Lets just use our big dicks wisely, I dont want to make any natural guys feel smaller.

As for my original question, I think you guys answered it. My overall goal will be 9 X 6+ BP. Thanks for your oppinions.

this whole ideal size question pisses me off a bit. not because of the question itself, but the way we end up going around in circles trying to get the true answer. (and before any ladies protest, I know there are exceptions and personal opinions)

To do a bit of research on this whole ideal size thing I did a search for dildos on the net. The results were kind of surprising…
The biggest dildos come usually at the top of the list, and there are alot more in the variation in the sizes (as well as colour etc) in the bigger ones.

Most of the ones I saw were at least 6” girth, and over 8” useable length. I even saw some that were 15” long and 9” girth!!
Some of these were supposedly ‘modelled’ from actual porn stars (obviously scaled up)

but the smallest actual dildo (not vibrator) that I saw was useable 6”x5”….

I can understand that getting a dildo that is 15” long could give a lady ANY depth she desired, and that she probably would never use anywhere near all of it, but seeing that the girths on just about every dildo is reasonably larger than average says something.

I think the market researchers have shown us their answer.

Hmmm… I highly doubt women enjoy putting a 15”x9” dildo inside of them. If that was the case, they might as well fist themselves.

I’ve heard elsewhere that the most popular dildos were about 6-8” in length. I dont’ have any references though, sorry. From what I hear too, more women prefer vibrators. :)

Two points secjay.

Not all dildoes are bought for women.

Perhaps there is more profit to be made by selling the larger ones. Ten cents more worth of latex and $10.00 more to the price. Naturally they would want to put the “larger” profit makers on top.

Where’s them logos at?? Even if I don’t use them I want to see them.

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In my experience, I hear that women rarely penetrate themselves much. They prefer the vibrators (as said earlier) and may place only a few inches inside themselves. Remember, they have to have room for their hands to grab the thing. I would not take a whole lot away from the dildo analysis…. sorry. But great effort.

Thunder, I Was looking for your email to send to… I tried the link “email thunder” but this forum software email doesn’t allow attachments I don’t think, then again, maybe I should look again :)

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