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I'am Jacked (yea) growth. PJ & Apollo

I'am Jacked (yea) growth. PJ & Apollo

I started PE November 1st 2002, I measured at 6.75 x 5 NBPE. I started using the power jelker and the apollo stretcher on a 5 x 2 schedule. I saw no growth in November.

I started reading all the posts at Power Jelker, PE and Thunders. And decieded on a 1 x 1 schedule, PJ for 15 minutes, but wear the apollo stretcher all day.

December I saw a .25 in length growth and January a .25 in length gain (total 1/2 in NBPE in about 2 1/2 months) So…I’am jacked. No girth gains yet, but I’am sure they will come.

I’am now at 7.25 x 5 NBPE in January 2003. I wanted to thank you all for your posts and info on all the PE sites. It defentially helped me!!! And I have learned a great deal from you guy’s.

I’am using the PJ for length and girth and the Apollo Stretcher for length gains. After seeing what the Apollo Stretcher can do (Bikers Pad Lock) I think that hanging is probably a good idea. The stretcher is working for me. Keep up the good info guys…montana

congratulations. What is this Appolo thing? Sounds pretty cool.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Apollo Stretcher

A device similar to the “Circle” device…. Used for all day stretching.

I think you’d probably get the same benefits from using a padlock-and save a bundle!

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Apollo Stretcher

DLD, I second that. I’m a firm believer in ADS and have never heard of this. I’ve read that you lay your dick under your butt cheeks for an all day stretch. You must have a job that involves sitting. Me, I’m on my feet all day and have found great results with golf club weights after hanging.

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