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I was wondering.

I was wondering.

Hei guys!First of all I want to say that this forum is incredible.It helped me in many ways and now I am more self confident as I was before I started PEing.

My main question is slightly stupid.I’ve been PEing for an almost an year and I started with BPEL 6 inches and EG 4,7 inches.
From then the first few months I had my main gains in lenght and girth.After that I have changed my routine to more intense one and I had some little gains in lenght.My current measurments are BPEL 7,7 inches and EG 5,50 inches.
My first routine was:
- Warm up
- 10x1 inverted v-stretches
- 10 working up to 25 mins jelqing
- Kegeling

My curent routine is:
- Warm up
- 10x1 inverted v stretches and inverted v stretches a stretches
- 20mins jelq
- Kegeling:
50 2sec
25 5sec
And 1-10 1mimutes kegels

I was doing more intense kegel exercises and attacking the tunica because my LOT is 7 30 (at least it was few months ago).

Those stretches are getting a real problem for my fingers and my fists.I don’t know maybe at the beginning my dick was a lot more weaker and I had no problems keeping him stretched.
So I was thinking of changing the stretches with inverted hanging to keep the tunica attacked.
My question is what kind of hanger can I build at home (because where I live It can not be delivered this kind of device)
And how I should use it - how many sets , how much time and so on.:)
10x for being friendly:

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