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I want to start to kegel. Give me your best advices and tell me about your results!

Sorry Pepsi,

By pumping I meant during intercourse or masturbation.

Sometime in 2005: Bpel 5.7, eg 4.3: 7/15/07 bpel=6.1, eg 4.6

Now bpel 6.50, eg 5.30 bpfsl 6.50

Goal bpel 7.0 - 7.5, eg 5.5

Well, when I’m edging and perform a long reversed kegel, I can still continue edging. But like I said, sometimes I have to stop after a second or two, and sometimes I can hold it up longer. Last night while edging with a long reversed kegel, the feeling of coming was more intense, it felt better. But I’ll say it again, it’s only been 2 days since I’m doing it like that. Then on the other hand, having a better feeling in my penis after doing this method for only 2 days is promising. :)

I just did my 3th session with reversed kegels.
To explain it briefly; when I was getting an erection, I performed a couple of reversed kegels. I watched a video that made sure I wouldn’t lose my erection (no, it was not Bambi :) ). Then when I was about 90% erect, I tried to hold a reverse kegel for one minute, whilst masturbating. It took me about 6 to 7 1-minute reversed kegels when I finally came. I didn’t edge, the sole purpose of this session was to last as long as possible and to NOT edge at all. 7 minutes may not sound a lot, but in fact it’s a little longer than usual when I’m watching porn and masturbate. My head was really big and my veins too. Plus my orgasm felt a lot better, and I mean a lot! I think I have not gotten such a good orgasm in months.. And it was also a bigger load than usual. About 1.5 - 2 times the normal amount.

I don’t want to think this is THE method, it’s better that I don’t make myself believe things of which I am not sure, yet. But I have a good feeling about it, I think that eventually it’s going to improve the strength of my erection, and perhaps even improves my lasting ability.

Oh and one more thing though, after I shot my load it felt like I was still doing a reversed kegel, but I wasn’t doing it. It feels like the muscle is getting used to doing that and perhaps is a good sign of erection quality. Hopefully when I’ve done a lot of reversed kegels and have a very strong BC/PC muscle, I will be doing a reversed kegel all the time, without really doing it/be aware of it.

Hey Guys,

Here is a question for you.

My daily routine includes about 200 dry jelques throughout the day.

The way I do them is on the retraction back to the pubic bone I kegel in blood on each stroke.

I do these in about 30 jelqs per set when I visit the head to either take care of business or just adjust my ads.

It takes me about 3 to 5 seconds per jelq which means I do a kegel about ever 3 to 5 seconds.

The kegel I do is a pretty hard one and then I do a reverse kegel during the jelq.

Would you consider these kegels enough or would you still say to do atleast 50 kegels per day??

Sometime in 2005: Bpel 5.7, eg 4.3: 7/15/07 bpel=6.1, eg 4.6

Now bpel 6.50, eg 5.30 bpfsl 6.50

Goal bpel 7.0 - 7.5, eg 5.5


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