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I want my foreskin back!


I want my foreskin back!

Recently I have found out the negatives of being circumcized and I am pretty pissed that I have no choice in it. What pisses me off more is the choice was made by people who don’t even know what the fuck it does to you! I have learned that my sensitivity level is way lower than that of a circ’d man. But I am interested in restoration or something. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I also assume there is no way to do restoration and PE. The two would collide with each other too much I’m guessing.

One other quick question. Just how big is the sensitivity difference anyway?

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I am circumcized and don’t want my forskin back (it’s not really socially accectable to have one in the states) but yes it IS possible to regrow it and yes you can do it simultaneous with pe. Do you know how to go about regrowing it? If not, reply in this thread.

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No I have no idea where to begin yet. I just learned it is somewhat possible. But I don’t know any techiniques for regrowing it. Thanks

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I have to disagree with gandolf on whether it’s socially acceptable. Some women might freak out if they saw one for the first time, but that’s pretty uncommon. There’s always been a percentage of the population that has not been circumcised, and it’s slowly increasing. Even in porn you’ll see plenty of uncut guys, if you even notice the difference.

This yahoo group is probably the most active discussion on restoration. There are lots of links in the links section:

This site is run by one of the guys in the yahoo group. Lots of methods are explained there.

I didn’t mean that you’d be shunned or ortracized by society if you ARE uncut. But I think only like 1% of men here have their foreskin. Some women here dont mind foreskin, some do. But all in all, it can’t be argued that cut is a safer bet.

"If you can conceive it, and you can believe it...then you can achieve it" What would twatteaser do? ---- Now known as 8-ball - *

Some stats

It’s actually 77% of US-born men are circumcised.

The UK who started the practice bow only perform circs at the rate of 1%.

The top 5 countries practicing routine infant circumcision are:

1.United States of America:77%
4.New Zealand:3%
5.United Kingdom:1%

Also note that non-english speaking countries do not rank here.

For the record I AM circumcised.

Also look here to see where I got this from:

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

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I am circumcised and am 61years old. Through pumping and PE, I have nearly, for all practical purposes, a totally restored foreskin. Completely covers the glans. The pumping people will tell you that this is going to be a result of very much pumping. How do I feel about it? It takes a lot of getting used to, when you have been cut for all your life and now have a foreskin to deal with. I liked it better before, with no foreskin. I guess my circumcision was not a real close one, like some. I have an intact frenulum and had some loose skin prior to this new “look.” In a total erection the new foreskin is retracted so that has not made any difference in having sex. It is a pain for keeping clean, having to pull back the foreskin to pee and if you are not always careful the cleanliness issue comes into question. Coming from both sides of the issue, cut to me is/was better. If you want to restore foreskin, it is not a big project. I have read and been a part of some restoration groups but don’t see what takes so long, it didn’t with me.

Well, if anyone could comment, I would like to know if restoring your foreskin is posible with no frenulum, and if so, how different would it be from an uncut dick as far as sensation for the man and the lady? What I want to know is, will my dick be exactly the same as it was as far as sensation before they circ’d be when I restore my foreskin? Or will it be different? I hear you can start to produce this substance that keeps it moist and lubricates a woman…

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I don’t think you can get back everything you’ve lost, but you can increase sensation for sure. It’s possible to produce smegma after restoring, but that’s not guaranteed. As far as lubrication goes, additional skin is what makes it gentler on the woman by helping prevent her from drying out.

Growing additional skin takes time and effort. I think it’s much easier to make gains in PE, and I’ve done both. I will eventually have enough skin to keep myself covered, but I’ll need to dedicate myself to get there.

My son is almost 6 months old, and he’s not circumcised. I think he’ll be grateful for that.

Oops, quoted myself instead of edit.

For the woman, I don’t think there’s much difference between an intact foreskin and a restored one.

Why bother trying to restore your foreskin? It’s not the same as having the real thing. You can’t miss what you never had. You’ll never get those lost nerve endings back, so why bother stretching it out and having a “fake” foreskin?

Any chance we could hear from any of the women on this one? Ladies? Differences? Thoughts or preferrences?


It’s not the same as a “real” foreskin, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to restoring. Plenty of men who had diminishing sensitivity have been able to reverse that problem through restoration. Additional skin does make things more pleasurable for many women and men. It doesn’t matter whether it’s original or restored.

Prickle, by recreating the foreskin the head is covered most of the time. Guys like me who have been circumsized do not have the same sensitivity as uncircumsized people. My head is always exposed and always stimulated so it gets desensitized.

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