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I tried built a stretcher..not much luck

I tried built a stretcher..not much luck

Year Piet talked me into this.. LOL

Well I couldn’t find the best parts so I had to use what I could get.

The problem is with the head. I wore it once for maybe half an hour, an when i took it off my dickhead looked not good, like bumped or so and it reeeally upset he.

I was like my heart was heating BAMBAMBAMBAM!! Yikes! Anyway luckily nothing happened.

I did get some bandages at work (i work with medical logistics) but still it seems to hold in a wrong way around the glans.

Also - I’m uncut ya know..

Doesn’t make it easier but its gotta be possible to fix this ‘tool’ . I sure wouldn’t call it a toy. I think I only got the guts to wear this once or twice so I have no idea if it works. I think it hurts..

Piet, you talked me into building this frickin thing so I expect an expert advice from you, HEHEHE.

Hey Horsehung! Yours too!

And all other can comment on it, maybe ur trying to built something like this?

I still think about buying the PeniMaster, because I can’t seem to find the right parts to build a stretcher..


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Try and firm up the sides of the stretcher so that when you screw down the hose clamp, it grips the sides of your penis, not all around. The hose clamp will make it act like an extreme Uli and stop all of the blood flow. This is your problem.

The thing that surprises me the most ,is that no one has made a stretcher using a Wench to grip the shaft. It would be perfect as it would still allow good blood flow as you should be able to get away without using a clamp.

Hmmm…now where did I put my Wench :chuckle:

Hey Aero.

Take a look at Captn Hooks wench device, you should be able to use the velcro as the “wrap around”, as an alternative.


cead mile failte :lep:

Hi aero,

the problems you are experiencing could be because most pressure is put on your glans. Although you did made a perfect copy of my top attachment design the material I used is thicker and stronger. The extra squares at the inside are there to give lateral pressure but your material seems too thin to do the job. So like the others suggest you should replace those squares by something thicker and stronger like what they use for the wench or whatever you can find.

Your ring for at the base looks very comfortable, nice job on that.

Sixerman made a stretcher using a wench Andrew ;) I haven’t seen any pics yet though.

Originally Posted by Piet
Sixerman made a stretcher using a wench Andrew ;) I haven’t seen any pics yet though.

It’s not as Pretty a stretcher as yours, and I figured it would end up in the Caption Calling area, and someone would call it “Dick Torture Chamber” :)

Also, although it successfully stretched me out several hours a day, and was reasonably comfortable, I didn’t gain from it, so I am hesitant to post a picture for that reason also.

cead mile failte :lep:

Hi Aero,

I made a miniature version of the Captain’s wench and used it successfully on my Andro stretcher. The key was finding double-sided (very thin but still very strong) velcro cable ties at Home Depot. These ties have the nylon ‘studs’ on one side and the knitted fabric ‘loops’ on the other side. Like piet suggested, even with the Captain’s wench you need adequate gripper blocks and these need to be set at the correct ‘V’ angle to properly compress the sides of your unit say about an inch in back of the Glans.

All thye Best,


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