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I told the wife about PE


I told the wife about PE

Last week, the wife and I had a big arguement about alchohol. I drink too much and she found out that I was hiding how much I was drinking. This blew up into a big issue about honesty and I found that she was more upset about the dishonesty than the drinking. Seems to me that killing my liver is more serious than lying about it. In the end, I agreed to be honest about my drinking and she would help me drink less.

At that point, it occured to me that this was a perfect opportunity to tell her about PE. I told her, “Since we’re on the topic of honesty, let me tell you about my other obsession that I started 3 months ago.” She had already noticed that my dick was bigger. I had told her that it was the new vitamins I was taking for my prostate. Now that she knew the truth, she said, “Vitamins, my ass, you’ve been stretching your dick! And I’ve been telling my friends at work about how amazing the viamins have been!”

OK, that wasn’t what I was expecting, but it beat some of the other alternatives. After that, we had a long discussion on why I want a bigger dick. It took a long time to get her to understand the relationship between a bigger dick and more self esteem. I still don’t think she gets it, but she understands that I’m doing it for me and it makes me feel better.

Over the weekend, we had a nice session in the bedroom and both of us noticed the difference in size. I was just enjoying the extra penetration and for the first time, I hit bottom. That was such a great feeling - made me realize that all this work was worth the effort. But then , what made me feel really great was later when she said, “you have a great big, long German dick!”. Undortunately, that was followed with, “I don’t understand why you want to make it bigger.”

Well, she may not understand it, but she’s on my side with PE and wants me to continue as long as it still feels good to her. She’s been with some really well hung guys in the past where it always hurt to have sex and she doesn’t want any of that here. She couldn’t come up with any dimensions, so I have no idea what “too big” means. I doubt that I’ll ever get that large, judging by the size of the dildo we have, but I can always dream. For now, it’s nice to have her on my side with all this and not have to stealth PE anymore.

I just thought I’d share. Stretch on, my brothers!!

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Glad to hear everything worked out with being honest with your wife. It’s cool that she was cool with it.


Honesty is the cornerstone of every relationship. Your drinking is something your wife can cope with one way or another, dishonesty is not. Now me, I hope you can get it under control - alcohol is a bad path. No good ever comes of it, and the pain it brings is truly excruciating for everyone even remotely involved with the drinker. That said, I applaud your coming clean with your wife about PE. And what a positive thing to hear a woman say, “You have a great big, long German dick!” Amazing. Someday, I hope to hear such a thing. Congratulations on both your courage and your ego-reward!

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Re: I told the wife about PE

Originally posted by TitanFlex
“Vitamins, my ass, you've been stretching your dick! And I've been telling my friends at work about how amazing the viamins have been!”

Omg, that’s soo funny!! :rofl:

great story!

This past weekend, I was talking with my girlfriend about a conversation I had earlier in the week with several male friends about penis length. I intentionally slipped in a comment about enzyte that is being advertised and that pills would not make a dick longer but there are other methods of lengthening it. This led to further discussion about how I knew this so I told her I have read about it on a web site bulletin board. On thing led to another and she asked how I knew it worked, so I answered her with I have done this and have gained 1 inch in length and 1/2 in girth. She let out a squeal and a laugh which I had to wait to determine what that meant. She wasn’t laughing at me but was totally amazed that this could be done. She wanted me to show her how it is done and everything. She wants me to continue with it even though she is usually sore with what I now have after sex twice a night. She doesn’t want me to lose what I have. She has said I have the biggest cock she has ever seen. I don’t think I am huge 7 1/2” bpe and 5 1/2 girth but it sure made me feel good about it. I never would have thought I would have told anyone and never dreamed I would be told I had a huge cock. PS she has also told several of her friends that I am “well built”.


What are your measurements?

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Good stories guys, you do know that if you tell a girlfriend and than brake up you have to kill them sorry but it’s the rule “section 398 paragraph 42”.


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Oh yeah…get this one…I explained to my wife that I was ordering a Penimaster. She then said it would be my x-mas present and of course she said you do not need one ect… blah blah and later on she said I would not want it any bigger than 10inches….I did not even ask why she came to that conclusion and I do not really want to know….

Anyways…that fucking bitch told her mother what I was ordering and my mother in law who is even a bigger fucking bitch tells her husband and damn…who knows else….I heard my mother in law (fucking bitch) comment about it and was snickering about it to my wife in front of me during a x-mas dinner…I was so damn pissed…anyways, my father in law now wants me to order one for him.

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Originally posted by BigCatLion
…anyways, my father in law now wants me to order one for him.

I rarely type “LOL”, but damn that’s funny! :chuckle:


Gawtamn, Big Cat! That is one funny FUNNY story. And you tell it so well. That is the richest story I have read in a long while, and there are some funny M EFFERS on this board!


Originally posted by BigCatLion
ordering a Penimaster … x-mas present … she said not any bigger than 10 inches … told her mother … snickering about it during a x-mas dinner… father in law now wants me to order one for him.

Oh boy, this story is really complete. BigCatLion I really feel with you but please excuse that I couldn’t avoid laughing while reading this. Thank you for sharing this unforgetable story. :)


You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. - Irish proverb

Re: I told the wife about PE

she said, “you have a great big, long German dick!”.

Well, well, the myth of the big, long German dicks :D …seriously, cool coming-out you had there. Your wife seems to be really caring and loving. I am also very lucky in this regard. With us it wasn’t drinking but a few porn movies on my PC. She said “It’s hurting me that you’re trying to hide this from me, that you’re lying about it” - I’ve been telling her “That’s stuff I downloaded before our relationship” but she knew how to read the history list ;) … - so she continued “I know that porn is your hobby” :eek: “…but this is about honesty, not about porn or anything”. Women can be so different and so wonderful :)

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

You guys are great. Seems like there are lots of great PE coming-out stories. We should all get together and make a documentary. Now that would have to be an instant cult hit.

Pirate - you’re exactly right, it’s all about honesty and it’s taking me a while to really get it. Thanks for the encouragement and the wise words. I’ve been on the receving end of a drinking problem before and it’s not pretty.

japanaji - currently 7 1/4 bpe and 5 1/5 girth, just about the same as Ldog

BigCatLion - You could start a penismaster distributorship! That story is too funny and a little sobering. My wife works in the same building as I do. I’d better make sure she doesn’t talk too much. Can you imagine people pointing at you in the hallways whispering, “there’s the dick puller”?

By the way, Ldog, didn’t the g/f notice the extra length while you were gaining. And be careful about “section 398 paragraph 42”. Although, I’ll bet Dino will take care of keeping her silent, one way or another. I think I heard him say something about an 8 inch gag that he could use.

L Born - I thought you might like the “German dick” comment. How’s the porn thing going? Sounds like you’ve got an opportunity to share the porn with your woman. Along with the alchohol problem, I used to be addicted to porn. It’s still nice to surf occasionally, but now I’m trying to figure out how to get my wife to join in. She doesn’t like porn on the computer, but she’ll pop a tape in the VCR occasionally while she’s inspecting the German Wurst. :chuckle:

You know this addictive personality of mine has recently worked in my favor. This summer I took up golf and in my wife’s eyes, this is a healthy addiction and she sends me out the golf course all the time. I think I’ll keep her :up:

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

Originally posted by TitanFlex
This summer I took up golf and in my wife's eyes, this is a healthy addiction and she sends me out the golf course all the time. I think I'll keep her :up:

That sounds great. I would keep her too until she insists that I play almost every day. I would start questioning myself why she needs so much time on her own at home. ;)

You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. - Irish proverb

Actually, she’s starting to regret the golf a bit. Yesterday, she called me while I was walking up to the 9th green and she asked me which hole I was more interested in :)

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

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