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I told my parents about PE

Wow is all I can muster at this time. A friend or a brother myabe…but my parents??? nope!

Has anyone here been as stupid as to tell his ex?

….because I did…

My only excuse is that I was really in love with that selfish b…ehm.

I got over it but I`m waiting for the backlash.

When everybody will start taking the piss (which will be soon) I better have some good gains to show, let`s say I will need something on the range of 9x7.

And as far as parents are concerned my father circumcised me (he`s a surgeon) when my flaccid penis was the size of a peanut (6 months ago, that is).

I saw his face when he did it: it was like “NO! THIS CAN`T BE MY SON!!”.

It`s ok, my towel will accidentally drop in a couple of years time, I can`t wait to see his face then. >:-)

Wow you are brave. I don’t think I would ever tell my parents about PE. maybe a brother or friend if they said some thing that made me think they would be sincerely interested in it. In a year or two I may also be accidentally dropping my towel in front of my father or brothers. :)

I told most of my good friends about it. Usually when I’d been drinking.

I can’t see a way out of not telling my family and friends. It has been obvious to me for years that my family would recon I am small because small balls and dick point in your trousers and they are easy to recognise as small by the crotch shape they make. Average cocks hang down abit and straighten out the fabric and hide the size of the crotch a bit better. So when I grow much bigger, my family will start to thinking I am stuffing my pants with tissues or socks. Why would they even consider my dick is bigger when most don’t even think thats possible to achieve? I can’t bare the thought of my family and friends sniggering inside about me stuffing my pants to look bigger. I am going to have to tell them about PE and sleep with lots of women who are the type to spread gossip about how big men’s dick are. Then atleast I won’t been seen as some pathetic jerk who resorts to stuffing.

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Re: I told my parents about PE

Originally posted by chitonan
He suddenly quiet, silent as a lamb.

:rolling: :clap:

Hahaha that’s hilarious! Nicely done!

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p.s. “My spoon is too big” :)

Glad someone knew that ;) I’m hoping to apply that comment to my penis sometime soon..

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Originally posted by skinneeD
p.s. “My spoon is too big” :)

Glad someone knew that ;) I'm hoping to apply that comment to my penis sometime soon..

He he yeah I love the rejected cartoons. When I first saw them I was laughing for days.


Last month I told my sister over a long distance phone call about how I had to start doing PE exercises again while we were talking about the reasons why my last ex girlfriend dumped me. She cracked up and hung up on me.

Man, this whole thread is scary to me. If I had told my baptist parents about PE(if I had known about it when I was younger) I would be in counseling for it right now.


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Later my dad said that he used to hang with weight too! but he didn't go into any details.

He didn’t go into details because he’s LYING. He probably doesn’t like the idea of his son having a bigger dick than him, so he told you he used to hang to bring you down a peg and re-establish dominance.

As for telling girlfriends about it… Nahh. I say let ‘em figure it out on their own. Telling your girl about it is like fishing for a compliment or looking for approval. I say to avoid spilling the beans unless you get totally caught in the act, or you get backed into a corner and are forced to tell somehow.

Even then, you can tell them you do PE, but don’t reveal how you really did it. Make up some bullshit like, “I’ve been doing kegels” or something. That way, even if they blab about it to a male friend or their next lover or whoever… the information they pass on won't work!!! Ha ha ha ha

How’s that?

Great idea.

My mom is always bitching at me that I don’t spend enough time with the family, that I’m always running around with the wrong kind of girls blah blah blah blah.

Next time I’m going to mention the PE. If it shuts her up like it did Chit’s dad,it should be worth it

Did you tell them that you take relationship advice from a 7ft tall man from the internet called twatteaser?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

That is HILARIOUS!!!!

You’re not the first one, my parents know about PE since summer 2001… I had a bet with my father I could get to 9” before my 18th birthday.. Well I didn’t win because I stopped for a long time but now I will! Maybe before my 20th birthday? =p


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