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I think smoking is affecting my gains

I think smoking is affecting my gains

So I’am going to quit smoking. I want a bigger cock and I figured if smoking is affecting the growth then I’am gonna quit.

Has anyone else found that cigerettes effect their gains. Or is it all in my mind? montana

There was a poll at peforums that seemed to indicate that smokers were much more likely to be slow or non gainers than nonsmokers.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Re: I think smoking is affecting my gains

Originally posted by montana
Has anyone else found that cigerettes effect their gains. Or is it all in my mind? montana

I’m not sure if my gains would have been better if I did not smoke. I smoke about a pack a day. I would love to know what would happen if I quit, the problem is quitting.

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I smoke, but I have found that if I just drink a ton of water, the water outweighs the nicotine, and I get great circulation to my member. I don’t think it can be mentioned enough, drink lots of water. It helps in a number of ways.

Finally a post about smoking. This was my first post when I joined. I only got one damn reply. I always think about if I didn’t smoke would my gains be more. I’m 33 and have been smoking since I’m 12. I smoke a pack a day and have tried to cut down. I have cut back on my consumption of alcohol recently though. We all know how many cigs we can smoke while at the bar. I guess I have been a slow gainer length wise but have gained an inch of girth at the base pretty quickly.


You might want to worry about the fact that if you keep smoking it will kill you. Smoking is no joke, I have had quite a few family members die from smoking related problems. If quiting smoking will help lengthen your dick fine but if I were you I would worry about lengthening my life. Do whatever you have to do to quit today, not tomorrow.

Good luck to you I know it isn’t easy!

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