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I think Im done with PE


Originally posted by xeoph
Second when we fuck, which I just got done doing doggie, missionary, and sorta a wierd missionary with her legs up by my shoulders, when I go in all the way I feel a dead stop. She cant take all of it before I hit a wall, Im not sure what the terms are or parts of the body. Im happy I just got done doing all these positions because that should give the people that know what they are talking about some good info to maybe help me. I would think through these angles if it was something I could go around, I would have

Missionary with legs over the shoulders is one of the first positions you give up when you start PE. You’re gonna have to be careful with regular missionary, and when you’re on your sides facing each other. In these positions, the vagina is angled and contracted in such a way that it doesn’t allow so much penis in. Try doggy because:

1) it allows her to do the pushing. She’ll be a lot more inclined to take bigger objects if she can do the pushing.

3) You can use the angling of her butt to provide more padding.


I encountered the same problem with my Ex. Normally a vagina will adapt to size, even if you were an inch bigger. Well, it turned out to be a cyst that gave my Ex discomfort during sex in any kind of position. A check-up with gynocologist might shed more light on it.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

j384 - “Unless this is the girl you intend to marry some day”
Yes, I do plan on it. We are engaged, and I love her more than anything! : )

Uncut4Big - “Well, it turned out to be a cyst..”
Thats what cousin (nurse) of hers said too. Check up sounds like a good idea! I really really dont want to have to hurt my future wife just to get my whole dick in.

She is my first sexual parter but she has had two others. She told me she likes it rough and the first time we had sex I couldnt go in all the way (sheer inexperence). Well now that Im a little better fuck, I can pound her pretty hard and fast but she cant take it as fast or as hard as I want to go because of this problem, I really hope we can get it fixed.



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