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I think I can't PE, it is not good.


I have a curve to the right and it is more visible when flacid then not. It is because my left side is a bit more developed than the right side. I would attribute it to masturbation. I have been PEing for maybe 2 month now and at first it got more noticible, but when I started doing plumped bends and concentrating on the right side, I see it straightened a lot and my penis is hanging flacid very straight now…

oct\'04: nbpel 15.5 cm / 6.1", eg 14.5 cm / 5.7"

goal...: nbpel 20.0 cm / 8.0", eg 18.0 cm / 7.0"


A left hand curve is pretty common but yours is extreme you may want to seek medical advice.

I have a v slight kink and I have an exercise that straightens it (temporarily anyway) immediately, I’ll try and describe it and encourage you to give it a shot

In the shower with everything hot, jelq a little to get some blood in there, then hold the base with an ok grip and squeeze so the unit blimps up, now with yr other hand with another ok grip hold the unit a little ways below the glands, and squeeze also

Now simultaneously push the hand together and also bend the unit in the opposite direction of the curve

You should get a pretty sick pump from this, all gnarly and veiny, when you release is should be mostly straight

The other thing I would recommender is to completely stop masturbating and pe ing with your current hand and only use the opposite one

Good luck

Think about the mechanics of it, your curving cause one tube is bigger then the other, so when you do even jelking, there is more tissue to break down in the right one, so it repairs more and thus it grows at a fast rate then the other.try to work the left side the same tightness you usuelly do while applying less pressure on the right.


Mine was straight before I started out jelqing. Then it went bent in flaccid state. I figured I wasn’t giving it the same jelq with my left hand as with my right, so I paid attention to cure my jelqing methods. Sure enough, within a few weeks I was evidently doing it right; one hand mirrors the actions of the other and with equal force. That’s all, it’s straight as a ruler now.


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