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"I PE for myself" - Huh?

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

Excellent post, Redwood. If “doing it for yourself” meant only “that it is for your own benefit (even if that benefit stems from the opinions of others)”, then I would understand easily what was meant by the mantra, and I would be surprised if anyone didn't PE for themselves. But some of the other posts here seem to indicate that something more is meant by “doing it for yourself.” Trigger & Muttley pointed out one tangible aspect of the “something more”: a bigger dick will make sex feel better for YOU, too, and not just because of the excitement of giving your partner more pleasure. (Bigger dick = tighter pussy.) Another aspect of the “something more” given here was to restore good erections, which of course will also directly benefit your sexual pleasure.

Any more suggestions about direct benefits (i.e., unrelated to other people’s thoughts, pleasures, etc.) from PE?? That’s the question I’m asking here, if I wasn’t clear the first time.

I am PEing for myself. It is very damaging to my self-confidence knowing that I am below average. I hate being around when people are talking about penis size, because I have no choice but to stay quiet. I’m also doing it to impress women. I want to have the kind of cock that women lust after.

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I’ve posted my routine a few times in more detail (look in the newbie section for a thread called “7 weeks just hit 7 inches”)
but here’s the rundown:

*5min warm-up (soaking in tall mug of heated water)
*20-60min of V-Stretches (up,down,left,right, and straight out for 90second X 4 sets)
*3min halftime warm-up
*60min jelqing
*5min warm-up

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I never really thought of the point that getting bigger will make girls feel tighter to ME(we’ll make that #7). Now I have one more reason to keep up the effort!

other reasons I do it:
8)I’m a tall guy, 6’3”, and I feel like I should to have a bigger one because I’m more expected to.
9)Some how I’ve aquired the rumor of having a big one in my social circles, I like how that feels and I want to fit that rumor as best I can! :P

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I’m suspicious of anyone - including myself - who would seriously assert that they PE only for themselves, nobody else. This always sounded to me like the women who wear 2 lbs of makeup, tease their hair to the ceiling, squirm into skin-tight jeans, while twisting their ankles in 5-inch heels saying, “I dress like this for me - not for any man.” WTF

The thing is, this question operates on several levels. If you ask me if I PE for my wife - “No.” Do I PE for any other woman in particular? “No.” But could I answer Ramrod’s deserted island in the affirmative? Doubtful.

Would any of you guys continue to PE if you knew beyond any doubt that no other human being would ever come into contact - visual or tactile - with your cock - ever? I seriously doubt it. What would the reason be? You can wank it and bust a huge nut if you had 4” or 10” - the masturbatory pleasure would not differ.

I realize that most guys PE because of how it makes them feel - in someone else’s eyes. In other words, if a big dick would make you feel good about yourself, it’s because you believe that others will be beholding your big dick, admiring it, enjoying it and raving about it to others. So, it’s the *acceptance* of a second party that gives *YOU* the “enjoyment of having a big dick.”

Sort of like the old “tree falling in the woods” dilemma. If you had a 10-incher, but nobody in the world ever saw it, or ever would, do you think your 10-incher would matter one bit to you? If it would truly matter then, and only then, would you be doing PE “for yourself.”


Are you insinuating that most of the members are simply people pleasers? We are social animals, after all,—at least most of us.


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Speaking for myself, if you have a 5 inch dick then you only get 5 inches of real estate to feel good with. If you have a 10 inch dick then you have twice as much to tease, taunt, and generally appreciate. It is basic arithmetic. Besides, I think it just feels more natural to have a bigger dick than I used to.

Is it a bad thing to get better reactions? No. It is icing on the cake.

When all I have left is my 18” dick and a lifetime subscription to Hand Love magazine at least I will have plenty to practice with. :)

-Tom “TMI” Foolery

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If I were shipwrecked on an uninhabited island tomorrow and had lots of time in my hands… most likely I would PE.

Looking to be a kiwi.

Originally Posted by Mugwomp
You’re shipwrecked on an island, what else is there to do? I’d end up with a 15 inch dick.

This reminds me of a Hustler cartoon I saw once.

A guy is leaning up against a cocunut tree on a small deserted island. His cock and balls are lying beside him, ripped off his body, and he is nonchalantly writing in his journal “Dear Diary, I stopped jerking off today…”

Anyhow, I feel I am trying PE for me, but if I were alone on a deserted island I would NOT waste my time with it. I guess I need the feeling of having someone else react to my cock — or thinking they are having a reaction to my cock — to motivate me.

Commander Blop

Originally Posted by commanderblop

Anyhow, I feel I am trying PE for me, but if I were alone on a deserted island I would NOT waste my time with it. I guess I need the feeling of having someone else react to my cock — or thinking they are having a reaction to my cock — to motivate me.

I agree 100%.
If I were a castaway, I would spend my days being as lazy as I could be.
I would eat, sleep, and day-dream all day and night long.

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I have to agree with wadzilla on this one.

A few of the main reasons I PE “for myself” is for the rush I get when strangers stare at the bulge in my crotch. Or when others look enviously at me in the shower or at the urinal. Or the pleasure I get from looking at myself in the mirror nude and seeing a huge slab of meat. Or peeing all by myself and grabbing a complete handful in the process and making my ego swell. Or the selfish ego trip I get when the wife tells me I’m huge and to slow down or it hurts. Or when other women beg… never mind. You get the point.

Those are just a few of the reasons I PE “for myself.”


Interesting responses. It appears that a lot of guys, when they say that they “PE for themselves,” mean exactly what I mean when I say I don't PE for myself. Posters probably talked past each other occasionally when discussions of PE motivations came up in this forum in the past.

This whole issue reminds me of when people discuss altruism: does an act count as altruistic when it is done to relieve the aversive arousal you feel when seeing another person suffer?

Wad, thank you for the excellent clarification of the question. You described the cause of my puzzlement far better than I could.

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Don’t forget guys, the dolphin that’s circling that uninhabited island is expecting 10-14 inches! Keep PEing !

Originally Posted by Ramrod
“Would you still PE if you were shipwrecked on an uninhabited island tomorrow?”

Yes, I will…


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