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I overdid it and can´t get fully erect

I overdid it and can´t get fully erect


I want to share my story as a warning example of overdoing jelqing and Ulis.

two weeks ago I restarted PE after a long brake and I seem to have overtrained my unit. I jelqed and made ulistretches for five days and everything seemed to go well. I hadn´t done any Ulis before. Between the excercises I was able to get strong erection.

(Now I know I have only myself to blame for being so stupid! I should have definately taken it alot easier..)

After those five days I took a break and my penis seems to have gotten numb and I´m experiencing trouble getting/maintaining erection. This is really starting to worry me because I haven´t done any PE for ten days and I´m still numb. My erections are weak, and I haven´t really had any morning erections. The numbness seems to slowly be getting better, atleast compared to the first days of my condition, but it still is extremely scary. I have been able to have sex once after stopping PE but my erection wasn´t what it was supposed to be. If I masturbate gently I´m able to temporarily achieve a maybe 90% erection with a good angle. Still it seems that a substantial amount of hardness is missing althoug the penis is pretty big in size.

I would like to hear from people who have experienced overtraining. As I said my symptoms are numbness and weak erections. And the issue is troubling me so much i can´t stop thinking about it. I believe what caused this is definately the Ulis. And I have to say that unseccusful attempts to sex with a brand new girlfriend doesn´t help any. And my addiction to masturbation is killing me because i suppose I should let my unit rest and heal in peace. Instead i keep fondling my dick in hope of that it has recovered.

Anyone with similar experiences? Anyone who has some good news for me? I´d really like to hear them!

I’m having the same problem right now! I restarted PE after a long brake(stretches and jelqs) too and started a routine 2 on 1 off, for the first two weeks everything seemed to going well but suddenly the erection problems appeared and then I stopped the exercises and I’m resting for 4 days now and this is slowing getting better. I advise you to read the article written by the user sparky .


I have to stay it helps not to masturbate. During this condition I´ve constantly been tightening my PC muscle for some reason. It was kind of a reflex. It happened also whenever i tried to get an erection. And i also came a lot faster than I used to. Also I´ve masturbated a lot because I´ve been so nervous about the whole thing. Today I studied the whole day trying not to think about my condition and concentrated on not tightening my PC. It was hard for a start, somehow tightening my PC had become a routine which I did over and over. Well after a few hours of sitting in the library i managed to stop contracting.

At some point I then gradually started to feel my penis tingle, just a little bit (but enough to make me feel happy something is going on) in the areas i grab during Ulis. Well after my day i lightly masturbated and guess what, it was almost like before the whole thing. I´m feeling confident about healing now although i won´t mastubate/ejaculate for a week. I hope the whole episode didn´t leave any permanent effects. All I can say that the last ten days have felt extremely heavy due to the psychological stress i´ve experienced. And that I´ll never consider erect jelqing or squeezing.

Sit back and relax.

I’ve overtrained to the point of numbness before. There’s really only one option right now and that’s a total break from touching your penis. Don’t stretch, don’t jelq, don’t masturbate. The only thing you should do is hot wraps for at least a week but I’d recommend a full thirty days if you can do it.

It should heal with time, at least a month or more. I would use natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheral) cream also. They make this for the face but it works great for the penis. Rub it in twice a day and it will help recovery. When your unit is working properly again slowly slowly slowly start PE again gently gently gently. Use a gentle jelq method at first to test and see if all of the veins are healed. No uli’s, clamping, hanging, or stretching for the first two to three weeks back on PE. Just gentle jelqing.


I want to return to tell you what has happened after all this healing (note the dates of previous posts). During the darkest hours i couldnt even dream of sending a post like this, although the healing has taken much longer than anyone assumed.

I now have a penis that still hasn´t completely healed, that still accosionally feels numb and that still needs more work than before getting hard. The spontaneous erections have gotten fewer although they seem to return every time I dont touch myself for a couple of days. Still I am glad to say that I can enjoy sex and can acchieve a firm hard erection. This took for me a long time, approximately 3-4 months to achieve. Although I´m quite happy with myself (atleast my girlfriend seems to be) and atleast the performande i am capable of, I have to say that the loss of sensitivity has made sex physically less enjoyable. Oral sex for example doesnt feel as good as before. On the other hand I pretty much can control my ejaculations, which i didnt before. Especially the outer skin ofr the penis is less sensitive and erections seem to develop slower (and sort of gradually with short breaks) than before. I still am hopeful of sometimes returning to my full strength, which made even 8 times masturbation per day possible.

The weird thing is, that every time I stop touching myself, having sex etc for a few days , my penis starts to tingle. The tingling spot varies and the feelings are sometimes week, sometimes strong. It really doesnt bother as I assume the feelings are signs of healing. Sometimes theres just a small tingle, sometimes its like sharp and fast small lightnings.

And on the left side of my penis I often feel a sort of burning sensation. This occurs every time i calm down sitting, lying etc. The burning sensation isnt as sharp as the tingling sensations. I reckon the sensations have to do with nerves still growing and som damaged blood vessels trying to cope with the situation. Sometimes the burning sensation also continues strongly for a few minutes after intercourse. And the left side of my penis even otherwise seems to get tired easier. All in all the biggest difference to the condition before my injury seems to be the penis getting tired much easier than before and beeing tired more often than before.

Well, Im still confident of healing. Anyone is free to comment and share their views and experiences. Thank you!

This is why us vets are constantly warning guys to be careful and gradually increase time and force…give your penis time to condition.

Thousands may be able to get away with ignoring this warning, but for the few like you…we are trying to prevent this.

Glad to hear that you are healing, I think you eventually be fine…nerve repair is something like 1 milimeter per month, so it takes time…good luck!

When my unit is overtrained it helps me to leave it alone or, no more than once a day, get it as erect as it will get and then leave it alone. Don’t ejaculate or beat on it too much.

Sounds like basic nerve damage to me, if you cut off the flow of blood to a part of the body too long it goes numb and the nerves starve and die, but don’t worry they grow back not very quickly though.

I had a similar experience and injury to a testicle left it almost completely numb, I was terrified and didn’t know what it was, after going to a doctor convinced I was gonna lose one, they just found nerve damage I was so relieved but it still took 3 years to fully gain all sensation in my nut. You might see a doctor and get an ultrasound if you are really worried about arterial damage but I’m guessing unless you had painful swelling it’s probably nerve damage. I would suggest buying a warming pad and using it on the lowest setting as often as you can to stimulate blood flow and speed recovery, also I take a lot of “brain vitamins”, most of them like vitamin b and e can be taken in 500% dosages and aid nerve regeneration and growth, they make you smarter too. Autohypnosis helps as should not masterbating because libido increases sex drive, stimulates sex thoughts, and sex thoughts stimulate sex organs- a study found that people who viewed more artwork would increase the nerve growth and complexity in their eyes.

I’ve actually been rethinking PE lately, I believe the analogy to body building is somewhat inaccurate in that body building requires heavier and heavier weights but in PE we aren’t so much building a muscle as stretching it in new ways, particularly stretching the tunica, and this prbly doesn’t require harder grips or such but longer duration with the same light grips. It also seems like using a light grip while jelquing and being sensitive to avoid numbness or pain leaves me with a healthier feeling penis in general, whereas a really hard jelq leaves me with sometimes weaker erections that last a few days and I can’t jelq that way for as long, not sure which is better for gains but I’m going back to being a “lightweight” just feels better for me anyway.

Any specific info. on how long/often you were jelqing and Uli-ing for, and at what intensity?

Take a decent dose of l-arginine before bed (3 grams) for a week or so. That will help fix you up.


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I know there’s a difference between a hand and dick, but once I had a problem with my hand going numb. A doc looked at it and was able to determine that one of my nerves was screwed up. He said nerves grow at the rate of so many inches a month, so he predicted the numbness would be gone within six months or so.. Well your dick isn’t as long as my forearm - yet :) - so the nerves wouldn’t have so far to patch. So.. IF you’ve really damaged the nerves and if you don’t keep beating it up I expect you’ll be ok in not too long.

Take courage (and a lesson).


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This got me interested about it being nerve damage.
This might help you some,
Here is the link
And some excerpts from the link I thought you would like to see now.
Nerves regenerate at the rate of about a cm a month, according to some informal communications with doctors. Keep in mind that not all nerves can regenerate (the spinal cord is a prime example) and if a nerve is too damaged or is severed it cannot come back.

-Peripheral nerves, such as those that give sensation in the scalp, are an example of a nerve that can be counted on to come back (sometimes the screws used to immobilize the patient's head during microsurgery or radiosurgery can pinch a nerve). If there is a case of scalp numbness, a common rate of nerve regrowth told patients is 1 mm a month.:wsleep:

What kinds of nerves are in the penis area?
Are they Peripheral nerves?
Hope this helps,

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Originally Posted by Groo
Autohypnosis helps

BW-What is Autohypnosis?

As should not masterbating because libido increases sex drive, stimulates sex thoughts, and sex thoughts stimulate sex organs-

BW-Are you saying, don't masturbate?
I am a little cunfussed here.
Your saying''
Don't masturbate, because that in itself will increase libido, libido increases sex drive, stimulates sex thoughts, and sex thoughts stimulate sex organs.
Is this correct?

Peace, BW :sun:

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