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I need some pointers.

I need some pointers.

Well, I have been PEing now for about 7 months or so. I gained about a half an inch the first two months doing the newbie. I use heat from a heating pad for my warm ups. After the first two months I stopped gaining. I ordered a heavy vac from monkey bar and now use it as an ADS/ADH. I used it for about a month and gained a quarter of an inch in flaccid length, but then those gains stopped too. I never did see an increase in erect gains from this. I was using the vac as an ADS but loading it with more weight, about 5 to 6 pounds, up to 12 hours a day, about 5 days a week. At the same time doing the newbie. I ended up taking a month and a half decon break due to injury.

I have now been back at it for about three months. During my decon I did lose a quarter of an inch, but quickly gained that back the first month. However, I then stopped gaining. I cant seem to get past this half inch mark. Right now I am taking a break from jelqing because of injury. I have been experiencing a repetitive injury from it that I think may be also caused by using the vac as an ADS. When I jelq I get one big red spot at the tip of my head that looks like a bruise about the size of a dime. Then it will peel. I think that the suction from the vac may be contributing to this.

Right now my routine consists of stretching, about twenty minutes, two days on, one day off. Since I have not been able to jelq I have been supplementing them with orange bends. I do the Obends every other day for about 10 minutes. Then I use my vac ADS as much as possible. As I said before I load up the weight on the ADS from about 5 to 6 pounds, so I’m not using it as a typical ADS with only one or two pounds. I now use my ADS about 5 days a week, for an average of about 8 hours a day. I do notice that when I take days off, my dick wants to shrink a bit. Does this mean that I am over training?

My starting stats were 6.25BPEL and 6 in girth. I am now at 6.75BPEL and still at 6 in girth. My goal is length. My questions are this:

1. Stretching: Should I focus more on this? Should I increase the time? Can I do like thirty minutes in the morning, and then thirty in the evening? Can I over do it. When stretching, how hard should I be pulling? I pull pretty hard right now, is it possible that I may be pulling too hard?

2. Jelqing: Should I give up the ADS, allow time to heal and start jelqing again? I do believe that if I allow myself time to heal that it may be possible to do both. However, I would have to jelq at less intensity, which may be one of my main problems. I do jelq with some pressure.

3. ADS: Is it possible that I am loading it up with too much weight? I always thought that the ADS was the sure fire way to gains, but I have not seen it yet.

So basically, I feel like I am at a complete lose. I have read so much on this board, so many different theories that I’m not sure what to believe. I would truly appreciate the help of some of you that have had success.

Thank you! You help and input are truly appreciated!!!

You’re probably doing too much exercise to your penis. . You mention that you jelq with high intensity, and cause damage.

You must learn to treat your penis with some respect. Just take another break then when you resume, do it steadily with out high prtessure.

If you strain a muscle you have to learn that it is necessary to ease off. The sam rules apply to your penis by over-hard usage you strengthen the ligaments, and that then resists your efforts .

Take a good break and then start a routine - probably the newbie routine would be as good as any. and do things gently

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Id say now that youve got a year under your belt completly switch your routine.

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So let’s resume, dlm4 : in 7 months you did:

a) 2 months with newbie routine;
b) 4 months of the newbie routine+ 5-6 hours of medium work with a Vac-Stretcher;

the a) approach gave you 1/2” gain; the b) approach injuries and stalling results.

You caused damages to your penis without allowing time to repair itself; when this happens, the penis become harder and more prone to injuries.

So, as PetitFaun said, you have to take a decon-break, then re-start with the only thing that gave you gains, but with less forces and less time of work.

Unfortunately I think your probably right. What is the recommended time for a decon break?

I think like anything PE related, the answer is “it depends”. If I were you, I would break until the injury healed completely and function returned to 100% with no pain. After that, you might even wait a little while longer, just to make sure. When you know you are back to “normal”, pretend you’ve never PE’ed and start over with the Newbie routine. Work into it slowly and establish a routine. Read about and learn to follow your PIs.

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Originally Posted by dlm4

My starting stats were 6.25BPEL and 6 in girth. I am now at 6.75BPEL and still at 6 in girth. My goal is length. My questions are this:

Our stats are almost identical. I started out with 6 inch girth. If I got more length that would be great. But I want my erections stronger, balls to hang lower and to really squirt, I am more of an oozer. I do 5 mins of stretching 10 min of jelqing 3 to 4 times a day. And I pull my sac often, 5 min minimum
I have seen the greatest change with sac, but I still get lots of retraction.

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