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I need some help

I need some help

Hey Guys, I discovered this forum a few weeks ago. THis sounds like a great place to get help and get more information on PE. I started PE about a week or so ago. At first things started ok, but now it seems like every time I PE I get little red sores on the base. I don’t know what exactly it is from, because the first 3 or 4 days went great. now after a few minutes of PE I get the sores. And they hurt like hell too, anyone else get them? My guess is either I need to use more lube, but it also could have to do with the pubic hair or something. Cause it gets pulled. I don’t know, if you guys could help me out I would appreciate it. Also any tips for new guys would help too, of course I have read a lot of the posts. So if there is anything else, just let me know. Thanks.

You should shave your pubes down to the “peachfuzz” level. I don’t think it’s necessary to shave down smooth. Getting those little red spots are normal. Using a little lube would help, just don’t use that much.

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Don’t hesitate shave your pubic hair you won’t regret, it’s easier to jelq without and pretty much effective, and, your dick will look bigger. After that your red spots will surely disappear. Tell us if you always have this red spots after shaving

Shave, lube and jelq nothing else to say :)


Thanks for the info, I assumed it was that damn hair. I don’t know if I could part with it though, it has been there my whole life. Well, half of it. If I get rid of that hair I have to get rid of all the rest, and that will be a bitch. But if it is necessary, I reckon i’ll have to grow a pair and man up here. Get the job done right so to speak. Thanks again, wish me luck.


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